Sunday, June 14, 2009

cheater, cheater, sushi eater!

So I'm back from Japan, and just letting you all know... we cheated! But it was scheduled, planned cheating, and pretty much a necessary evil. We had to bring back presents for our nieces and nephew, moms and dads, brothers and sister-in-laws. Well, we didn't HAVE to I suppose, but it's always good to bring back a little something so everyone knows they were being thought of from across the world.

We also had to get something for baby and for... US! I haven't bought anything new in so long, and I forgot that shopping "high" that I get. Not pretty. It's that edge of greedy, greedy, mine, mine, mine feeling that lasts until you unload the bags from your car. I have to say I didn't miss that feeling. I do love the feeling I get when I pick out gifts for other people, though. That's a fun one. Because you get to feel the pleasure of trying to choose something you think they'd enjoy, and then the pleasure of giving it to them. We kept the souvenirs for ourselves to a minimum, and chose to take a ton of pictures instead. We got a wall hanging that we are planning to put over the bed, and we got husband and baby matching happi coats, which are festival wear. Just in time for baby's first birthday!

But I think that will be the end of new things bought for us for quite a while. I have to go get baby some toys for his first birthday- Once Upon a Child style.

p.s. the pictures above include one of the busiest shopping areas in Tokyo, and a couple of beautiful gardens, which I preferred to be honest.