Monday, August 10, 2009

onesie is the loneliest number

So it didn't seem that long ago that everyone was getting married. We were going to about 3 or 4 weddings a year, and I don't even want to talk about the bridal showers. Now everyone is having babies!! I mean EVERYONE. It's getting ridiculous. Wait, let me count out the new babies in my family/friends lives for the past year... 8 new babies, and about 5 current pregnancies. That I know of. And the only thing worse than a bridal shower is- you guessed it- a baby shower!! They are wretched parties, and I hate them. Of course everyone loves their own party, but going to other people's showers is a terrible way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The games, the terrible finger sandwiches, the lack of booze, and then the oooing and awwwing over package after package of receiving blankets and onesies. Bleh. But I digress.

In light of this huge baby boom, I had to come up with something to give people that followed the "rules." This is hard because people generally don't enjoy the combination of new baby and used stuff. I totally understand this. My solution was to go to Once Upon a Child, buy a bunch of barely used baby onesies, and embroider the names of the babies on them! They turned out so cute and got such a good reception, that I decided to branch out and do a bunch for a craft fair this past weekend. My very awesome cousin, Laura, sent me a humungeous box of onesies (some brand new!) that I made great use of. I made about 20 girl/boy/unisex to put out, and optimistically printed out 50 order forms for people who would like to customize.

What an utter failure. The day started out with a downpour, which quickly turned into blazing humid heat, accompanied with winds that could rip yer panties right off. There were maybe 10 people who blew past my booth. Of those 10, maybe around 3 took an order form. Of those 3, ONE person bought a onesie. Yes, I sold a grand total of one onesie. Sigh.

My next move is to sell them online. Sometime this week I'll set up a store on and see how it goes. In the meantime, does anyone need a onesie?