Thursday, August 21, 2014

new little things

Guys.  I'm still recovering from Summer, even though the littles have been back in school for a week now!  I'm just not in that groove yet, and I'm sitting here wondering how I ever kept up with this blog and my shop at the same time.  It's been a challenge!  But a good one.  And I've expanded my shop recently to include a few pieces of jewelry.  I'm excited!  I've made a few on custom orders, but now I'm adding them to purchase straight from the shop.
I've also been thinking ahead to Christmas, and I have a few little ornaments and trinkets in the works!  I know it's early, but I was so slammed last year with the ornaments, I thought I had better work ahead.

So here's a request from you, friends.  If you could design your own ornament, what would you want on it?  Or what would you want on your necklace?

Friday, August 15, 2014

first day again

I really do feel like I was just posting last year's first day of school pictures!  Unbelievable.  Rowan is in the older preschool class this year, and Fletcher is now in kindergarten (*sniff*).  It's been a strange few days not having him around for most of the day, and I just constantly wonder at how he's faring at school.  He told me on the first day that he was worried about school.  When I asked him for more specifics, he told me, "Well, I'm just a worrier."  I explained that it's the mama's job to worry, not the boy's job.  But he's wired in a similar way, so it's probably in his DNA to worry.  Rowan was just excited, and ran into school happily when we got there.  Fletcher had some tears for the first time on a first day.  And it broke my heart.  Made me nearly vow to homeschool him on the spot.  But then reason got the best of me, and so I kissed him, told him he'd have a great day, and walked away from him with my own tears.
Fletcher wants to be a scientist when he grows up, while ALSO working in the Army so that he can see Papa more.  I've tried to explain that Papa will be retired by the time he's old enough, but why crush his dreams?  Rowan wants to be the voice of a Disney princess.  Yes, she wants to sing songs that are in "Frozen" and other movies.  Oy.  I just tell her it will take lots of practice, and wait for the next career in her lineup.  Last week she wanted to be an artist.

And as for me, I've been slowly working on adding new things to my shop, so now that I have a little more time, I'll focus on that!  Hope all you mamas and your kiddos out there had a positive first day of school.