Saturday, May 30, 2009

foot note

So this whole endeavor has me overthinking every purchase I make. I am going on a trip to Japan next week, and according to everything I read, I will be taking my shoes off everywhere I go. That's fine, I lived in Korea for a while, so I know the drill. But unlike Korea, the peeps of Japan seem to be sticklers for the details. In other words, no holey socks. This is a problem since I haven't bought new socks since the Clinton era. Just kidding, but barely. My theory is, you wear them INSIDE your shoes, so who cares about the holiness of your socks? And I just double up if the hole is somewhere a toe might pop out. (Geez, I sound like a hobo, but I'm not, I swear!) Long story longer, I need new socks. And no, I am so very very sorry, but I am not wearing used socks. But I really did have to think twice about whether I could buy new socks!! I went with my parents to Target and as we were checking out, my mother says to me: Maybe I should buy your socks and underwear (didn't have to think about that one, people!) so you don't break your rules. That is a direct quote from my mother. Please! I need a little leeway here. I have to be able to buy socks with a clear conscience!

p.s. aren't these socks cute?

p.p.s. don't judge me for buying underwear from Target. cause i know that some of you do. you know who you are.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

forever in blue jeans, babe... well, not yet.

So the masses have been clamoring for a new post. Here ya go. I'm just going to warn all of you that this is a very controversial post. You have been warned.

The controversy is this: I don't like jeans on babies. I know, I know. People are passionate about this one way or another. I don't mean to stir up trouble, so I apologize in advance for those of you I may offend. And for those of you out there scoffing, you obviously aren't a mom.

Here is my defense- babies that don't walk yet should not wear jeans. ESPECIALLY not overalls, for God's sake!! It just looks so incredibly uncomfortable, I cannot explain the personal pain it brings me to see a poor little 3 month old all scrunched up in stiff overalls stuck in their car seat. UGH!!!! So I didn't put my baby in jeans. At least not until recently. He is not walking independently quite yet, but is cruising (walking while holding onto something for you parental neophytes) so I have conceded to let him wear one pair- one very soft comfy looking pair (see pic). And that is it!! When he is walking independently, he can wear them all the frickin' time for all I care.

Where does this fit into our rules? Well, let me just tell you that all those people who I know (and love despite their wrongness) are pro-babyjeans bought our baby jeans. And so our poor little babe had about 20 pairs of jeans and overalls size 0-9 mo that he never wore. I sold them! That is the point of my story. Just more STUFF that we had to get rid of.