Monday, November 3, 2014

the ballerina butterfly and cyberman

Oh, hi there!  Remember me?  No?  I'm Ruthie.  I write blog posts here.  Sometimes.  After a humongous break, thanks to busy times around here, I am back and ready to use this space again to document my family's adventures and share recipes and fun little things.  And to kick it all off, I have our Halloween pictures to share.
Rowan likes to combine ideas into one costume Two years ago was she was a fairy princess. Last year- princess bride. This year she couldn't decide between a butterfly or a ballerina, so she combined them.  Honestly?  I'm was just ecstatic she didn't choose to be Elsa from Frozen.  Not that I have anything against Elsa, but I could have EASILY lost her in the crowd if that's what she had been.  Fletcher vacillated between a Lego guy, a Minecraft guy, or a Cyberman from Dr. Who for months before settling on Cyberman.  I truly enjoy creating their costumes, but I cheated this year and ordered both of the masks that they are wearing.  The rest of Rowan's costume just involved gathering elements.  Fletcher's, however, was a little bit trickier.  I got the idea to cut pieces of silver contact paper to adhere to a grey sweatsuit, but Brian was the genius that sewed it all on so that it wouldn't peel off.  Brian is a costume maestro.  His Brawny-man costume was pretty great, too, since it involved items we already had around!
I'm completely biased, but I thought the costumes were the best I saw.  Halloween night was super frosty, so we had to wear wings over puffy coats and fleece under cyber-clothes.  But these kiddos were such troopers and completed their mission to fill up their bags with goodies.  Can I just ask why no one gives out chocolate anymore??  I don't want to steal smarties and dum-dums from their stash after they're asleep!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween night!  How is it November already?


  1. Ruthie, you are so right! And I'll tell you why they don't pass out chocolate. My little trick-or-treater did two houses and he was finished. He decided he'd rather stay and pass out candy, which I thought was super cool and pretty selfless for a 2-year old UNTIL!!--I realized that I wouldn't be getting my fair share of the candy from his loot. So what did I do that night? Yeah, I went to the store and bought a couple bags of my own chocolate and filled up my pumpkin bucket with candy so I could have so treats. I wanted to get more, but I didn't have that much money on me and holy cow--the price of some decent chocolate has really gone up! I guess a lot of people noticed too cause we had a lot of sweet tarts and nerds this year. I guess I'll be stocking up on Christmas candy now--a little at a time so I don't have to take out a small loan, hehe. Adorable costumes and they looked amazing! Great to see you around here again! xoxo

  2. The personality oozing out of Rowan! What a beautiful butterfly princess! And color me impressed with the costume-making skillz. I am all, let's see what amazon has in stock for us! ;)

    I am in agreement on the candy situation. Sam got one Reeses. ONE! WTH?!

  3. Yay! You're back! :)

    Great costumes, Ruthie. I really like that Brian dressed up as the Brawny man. It's perfect. And yes to combining costumes. I remember that was all we did as kids and the costumes always ended up so original (obviously). We have quite a few smarties in the candy bowl right now... yech.


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