Wednesday, March 18, 2009

consumable birthday

So last month was my birthday. As my husband says, I turned 29 for the 3rd time. Now, my husband really enjoys buying extravagant gifts for me. I am not unashamed to say I have gotten more than one gift in the "little blue box." And don't get me wrong, I enjoy receiving them. But you know, we have our "rules." I reminded him gently of our "rules" a couple of weeks before my birthday, and he assured me he had it under control.

The week before my birthday, I was talking to my sister-in-law who mentioned something about my in-laws coming to stay the weekend with us so that we could go out for my birthday. Uh-oh. Alarm bells went off because this was the first I had heard about it. Sure enough, surprise spoiled! Oh well. It was still an awesome present. We had not been out together without baby since he was born back in June!! We got all fancy, ate at the local Italian restaurant, and went to our first movie in the theater since the day I went into labor (it's true- I went into labor watching Sex and the City). It was just so amazing to be out again.

On top of all this, my husband brought me flowers (hmmm, they were new technically, but are they consumable?) and an ice-cream cake! My favorite. Oh, and extra points for my husband because my birthday weekend also was Valentine's day and he had reservations lined up well in advance. So I think he successfully pulled off my birthday AND followed all our rules! And I didn't even miss the little blue box.

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  1. I think a man planning ahead is the greatest birthday gift of all!!


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