Wednesday, March 4, 2009

where we begin

So this decision came about as my husband and I looked around the house and realized how much STUFF we have. We added a baby to the mix last summer, and the STUFF just exploded. Who knew that one little person needed so much STUFF? So as we were bumping into our overstuffed couch while avoiding the baby jumparoo, we said enough was enough. We made ground rules.

But first a little background. I love to shop. I mean, it is my therapy and did I mention I love it? It doesn't really matter what I'm shopping for, I just love it. The object of most of my love is Target. Target is my happy place, meditative zone, and basically where I can find anything I want. My closet is overflowing with clothes I haven't worn in over a year (maternity clothes, and then stopped working in an office...). And don't get me started on my shoes. I actually own shoes with tags still on them. Ugh. Pathetic. And then there are the nicknacks. I am not guilty here (mostly) and neither is my husband. My mom is a nicknack buyer. Kitchen nicknacks ,(what do I need with a zester anyway?) living room nicknacks (we're supposed to hang THAT picture in our livingroom?) etc. Ok, so I'm shuffling blame, but it's true. My husband owns every tool that you would ever need, but yet needs more on a continual basis. Any new job around the house demands a new tool to match. And with a baby, it just never ends what must be bought.

The ground rules:
  1. We will not buy anything new for a year.
  2. Exceptions to the first rule: consumables (like food, beverages, diapers) and necessities for the upkeep of our home.
  3. To maintain this rule, we will buy only used or recycled non-consumables (clothes, gifts, books).
  4. We will either sell or give away all the extras sitting around the house.

So wish me luck. We have already run into problems and I've had some tantrums, and baby is getting sick of hand me downs (ok, so he doesn't notice, but I do!). But that will wait for the next post.

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  1. Two things - first, we'll give you a buck for that zester and second, there is a huge loophole in #2. Tools can absolutely be a "necessities for the upkeep of our home"!

    Good luck though - We're here to support you all the way!


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