Wednesday, April 22, 2009

tax day b-day

So my husband has the unfortunate birth date of April 15. Yes, tax day. Usually we wait until the last minute to do our taxes, but this year we had a new baby and were excited to see what that child would rake in for us! It was a decent amount, but I don't think it even covered 2 months worth of diapers. Oh well.

To keep on point with our rules, I had to think of something to get my husband that would be used or consummable. He is currently rebuilding our deck, and to go with the deck, I thought we could use a "new" grill. We currently have this little crappy webber grill that has one broken wheel. It is sad. Burgers just slide right off the side with the missing wheel. Our dog loves it. What makes it worse is that when we moved our STUFF out of storage, this little strange grill showed up INSTEAD of my husband's golf clubs. So I spent a lot of time looking on Craigslist for a new grill, but that was boring. And I don't know anything about grills. Really, there's a whole different language for grill talk. Long story short, I told my husband to look for himself and get the one he likes. I know, I know. A cop out. Instead, I took the consummable route.

As you can see from the photo above, a good bottle of bourbon was the best idea. Yes, this picture was taken just a week after his birthday. For the record, I also got him a bottle of wine. No, my husband is not an alcoholic, but he does like his booze. And a good bottle of bourbon lasts in this house about as long as cake lasts around a fat kid.

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