Saturday, May 30, 2009

foot note

So this whole endeavor has me overthinking every purchase I make. I am going on a trip to Japan next week, and according to everything I read, I will be taking my shoes off everywhere I go. That's fine, I lived in Korea for a while, so I know the drill. But unlike Korea, the peeps of Japan seem to be sticklers for the details. In other words, no holey socks. This is a problem since I haven't bought new socks since the Clinton era. Just kidding, but barely. My theory is, you wear them INSIDE your shoes, so who cares about the holiness of your socks? And I just double up if the hole is somewhere a toe might pop out. (Geez, I sound like a hobo, but I'm not, I swear!) Long story longer, I need new socks. And no, I am so very very sorry, but I am not wearing used socks. But I really did have to think twice about whether I could buy new socks!! I went with my parents to Target and as we were checking out, my mother says to me: Maybe I should buy your socks and underwear (didn't have to think about that one, people!) so you don't break your rules. That is a direct quote from my mother. Please! I need a little leeway here. I have to be able to buy socks with a clear conscience!

p.s. aren't these socks cute?

p.p.s. don't judge me for buying underwear from Target. cause i know that some of you do. you know who you are.


  1. There is no shame in buying underwear at Target. And since you wrote the rulebook on buying used things (which Carrie and I admire and are beginning to adopt thanks to you and your blog), you can bend the rules at any time. They are your rules.

  2. you would think they are my rules, but now everyone who knows we are doing this is always "checking" to make sure we are strictly following the rules. there are eyes everywhere!


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