Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yes, it has been well over two months since my last post. But I am pregnant. Which means I am tired. And nauseated. And cranky. Did I mention cranky?

The crankiness is not so bueno for my mood to go hunting for used stuff. Ugh. I just wanna throw my hands in the air and go buy a bunch of STUFF from Target. So I have sometimes. I have cheated big time on my own rules. Oh well. Things I have bought whilst cheating: new pregnancy jeans. I did look at goodwill, no dice. A coupla books from Barnes and Nobles. There, I said it. And it will probably happen again. Some birthday presents for people. I should have looked on ebay, or etsy, but have I mentioned I am a procrastinator?

Oh well. And to be fair, I will admit that new things will be bought for Christmas. I really want to get the babe a train set, but I have looked over and over at Once Upon a Child, and they NEVER have it. And also we'll probably end up getting some new stuff for our family. But we are going to be getting items that donate a percentage to charity. There's a lot of cool stuff out there that does this- google it, people. And lastly, we pick a needy person or two off the tree at church every year, and I am not going to give this person or child something used. I think it's important to give something they themselves could not go out and get.

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