Monday, October 28, 2013

pumpkin carving

We spent this past weekend nursing colds.  Poor Rowan had a fever on Saturday, and slept the day away.  It really bugs me that parents send their kiddos to school when they are contagious.  I know that some parents don't have other alternatives, and I feel for them.  But I keep my littles at home when I know they can pass their bug along.  Sorry, rant over.  It's just hard to see your little struggle with being ill when there are so many fun Fall activities to be doing!

Luckily we were able to fit in a fun Fall activity at our friend's the weekend before at their pumpkin carving party!  Dan and Lacy bravely invited a few families with lots of kiddos over to wield knives over pumpkins.  Fletcher was really into it, and he and Brian got one carved up, with his direction of "triangle eyes, rhombus nose, and Spongebob's teeth." The boy is specific, I'll give him that!  Rowan just wanted to draw her face on with a sharpie and call it a day.  We spent the rest of the party eating delicious chili and sipping hot cider around a fire.  It was the perfect pumpkin carving party!
As you can see, there were some very creative pumpkins in there!  Thanks so much to Dan and Lacy for a perfect night!


  1. What a cool idea! Sounds like a great weekend activity - especially with this weather!

  2. Poor Rowan. School is just a place of germs - there's no way around it. Just think how she's building up her immune system! The carving party looked so fun. And I loved Fletcher's request. xoxo

  3. Oh their shirts are awesome!! I LOVE them! Hope she's feeling better today - poor thing! ;(

  4. I love LOVE the picture at the end with all the awesome pumpkins turned into jack-o-lanterns. I just love the history of jack-o-lanterns, it's such a fun story to tell! Pumpkin and chili parties are the best--yay for great neighbors and I hope everyone is feeling better this week!

  5. Poor Rowan! Hope she's feeling better. The pumpkin party looks like fun! And again I see you're hanging out with your Auburn friends, those good people. ;) We spent the weekend trying to overcome colds too by way of changing out toothbrushes and eating our weight in throat lozenges. We're hoping the worst has passed. ;)

  6. Sorry about Rowan's sniffles-- its that time of year, at least out here, when they get passed around the school. The pumpkins are so much fun!!


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