Wednesday, December 4, 2013

gold stick stars

I'm not covering new ground here, making stick stars.  But I thought I'd share how I make mine and how I made them a little different this year.  I've made these for years, using them as decorations, or using them on wrapped presents.  They're an easy craft, and the littles really loved taking part this year, too!

You'll need:
Hot glue gun
Spray paint/ craft paint in your color choice

First I gathered sticks with similar thickness, but different lengths.  I told Fletcher and Rowan we were on a "stick hunt"and so they did most of the work, ha!  Just a spoonful of sugar, right?  
 I laid out sticks to make stars then started using the hot glue gun at the joints.  I used a liberal amount at every connecting point.  This really doesn't take very long at all.
 Once the glue had set, I let the kids pick out their own stars.  Then I used my trusty gold spray paint to make mine all gold.  I let the front dry, then flipped them over to do the back.
 I accidentally sprayed half my hand gold in the process.  I pretended I was a Bond girl for a second, then got out craft paint for the little's stars.
 They loved painting the stars, and it actually took them quite a long time to get them just right.  There's nothing I love more as a mom than a project that eats up a lot of time!  Honestly?  I love Rowan and Fletcher's stars even more than mine.
But I do like the way mine look hung up over the mantle.
 I hung a few in other places, too.  Like over the window by the tree.  I think I need to make a lot more.  I see decorations for gifts for grandparents, teachers, and neighbors in our future!
I wish I had more time to make a million different things.  Some year I'd love to learn how to make the traditional straw Swedish ornaments.  Do you make crafts during the holidays?


  1. Ruthie, I get such a kick out of you and your kids, watching every new project you take on, and seeing amazing masterpieces in the end! I love the stars! When I squint my eyes, they look like giant star pretzels which made me want something salty. You have taken your artistic and creative talents and passed them right on to Fletch and Rowan and they create amazing things themselves! I am just so proud of you. I know you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing! As a former co-teacher with you, I just have always loved seeing you share your gifts with children! And as your friend, I love you!!
    P.S. Christmastime, why do you make me so sappy? Dammit.

  2. Looks lovely - and you have your tree up and dressed! :-)

  3. I love them all - yours and the kids! We haven't done any crafts lately because we have been super busy, but I feel bad because my daughter loves to do crafts together. Soon!

  4. I am so loving gold this holiday season. and such a cute idea.

  5. I like these! Not just for Christmas! And now that the new house has sticks, I can copy this idea. Looks so pretty. I especially like the ones in the window.

  6. These are so great! What a fantastic idea! I love how they look on your mantle especially.


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