Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Finding comfort in the day to day is just what is getting me through right now.  We've had an unfortunate series of events including a burst pipe in our basement and kiddos covered in scary rashes and hours spent in the ER.  It's not been easy, but everything seems to be settling down a little.  I hope. And so I've just been trying to tick off the blessings in my life that vastly outnumber the hardships.  Those blessings include the everyday comforts that I usually take for granted.  Like a good cup of coffee.  Or a sweet, sweet boy playing in creative ways.  Or a cheeky girl that can't go long without donning a dress or "ballerina skirt."  Or a stack of firewood, ready to warm our home.  Or a beautiful ruby colored orange.  Or even a breathtaking sunrise on a beautiful, albeit cold, morning.  It's all a blessing.  And I have to remind myself daily that I AM blessed.  This life is beautiful; heartbreak and joy combined.


  1. Yes, I agree some days it`s a struggle to see the beauty in life (pipes bursting and all!). But it`s certainly there in the little things.

    And those sweet kids would definitely brighten anyone`s day - love the skirt!!


  2. This blog post was like a gentle exhale for my soul. I can hear peaceful positivity in your voice and I love the photos that you chose to capture. The days are made up of moments, and we can only hang on to a moment for a short while. So whether it is fun, sad, lively, or dull, it is just that--a moment. You have become so strong with what you've had to handle. And remember, the rear view mirror is small, we need it to see, to stay safe, and to glance back from time to time, but the wind shield is large--there is so much more to see, to do, and to take in as we move forward. Enjoy that coffee!

  3. Lately it's been hard to get out of the darkness and see the light and beauty in my life. I know that I need to keep moving forward and make more of an effort to see all my blessings. Thank you for posting this. Thinking of you <3

  4. Yes! It all makes up the stuff of life; the good, the bad, the joy and the sorrow. Good for you in trying to see the beauty--

  5. I wish you the best of Valentine´s Days - take care!

  6. I often find that when things are down in the dumps and I think they can't get any worse, there's usually one more calamity that makes me throw up my hands and laugh that it's all so bad it's comical... and then suddenly life seems to start 'working' and going more smoothly. Good for you for seeing the blessings and good even in trying times, and I hope the easier days have finally hit :)


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