Thursday, May 15, 2014

last day

 Last Friday was the last day of school for Fletcher and Rowan.  Yessss, very very early.  It's hitting me now just how early.  That's ok.  We like our adventures and summer trips, so we're pretty excited about all the summer has to hold.
Fletcher is consistant from the beginning of the year in what he wants to be when he grows up.  He made me guess, and when I was guessing all the wrong answers, he said, "I'll give you a hint.  They drive Army tanks."  Ohhhh, an Army guy!  Just don't let him know that Brian has never driven a tank himself... He's always been in the passenger seat, ha!  
Rowan changed things up from when she said she wanted to be a banjo player and drive a car.  She said she wanted to be a regular Mama that stitches (*tears*).  I love that our kiddos want to be exactly like us when they grow up.  I'm relishing it now, because next year it could be astronauts or jockeys.  You just never know with my kids.
And here's a flash back to the beginning of the school year.

Pretty sure Fletcher grew a foot taller!  And Rowan may have, too.  Next stop, kindergarten for Fletcher and the older preschool class for Rowan.  Here's hoping for a long lazy summer with lots of time to enjoy these kiddos while they're still "little kids."


  1. FLETCHER! Slow down! He completely lost the last little bit of baby face he had in him. That makes me sad. But gracious, if he doesn't say the most entertaining things! And how sweet are they wanting to be just like y'all when they grow up. Too cute. Happy Summer!

  2. They are too sweet. :) It is early to be off, huh? My kids have a month and a half to go. Can't say I mind to be honest. ;) Hope you have a whole stretch of wonderful, fun-filled days ahead! :)

  3. I'm so glad you do these first day/last day shots because wow, does it ever illustrate a year gone by! They look smarter, more confident, and ready to take on summer! Thanks for sharing your lovely littles with us! They always put smiles on my face! xoxo

  4. I´m sure you´re having a fantastic summer ahead! My rascals have to wait until the middle of June until their break, I´m pretty sure they would trade with you if they could..! :-)

  5. I cannot believe the difference in the "before and after" pics. You are a smart mama to document these days. I'm looking forward to seeing you this summer and those sweet kiddos. xoxo

  6. Ah sob! They grew into actual kids this year. It's too much :) At least they are the very cutest of big kids.

  7. They've both changed so much, but I was struck by just how different Fletcher looks now! He has lost the round face and looks more like a big boy now. Milo is going through the same change and it is so fascinating!


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