Wednesday, May 28, 2014

mini getaway

 Back in February, Brian and I had a weekend away planned for my birthday.  We had planned for a B&B stay in the Missouri wine country.  Which is certainly less inspiring than California wine country, but suitably close and convenient.  And if you know me at all, you know my favorite type of wine is suitably close and convenient!  But Rowan came down with a viral rash and was just feeling pretty yuck, so we postponed.  And it was probably a good idea since things look a bit more green and floral this time of year.
 The grounds of the wineries were lovelier than I expected, and the tours of the cellars was downright delightful.  At the risk of shocking you, my favorite part was the actual tasting.  Which is why I don't have any pictures of that part, besides a quick selfie from my phone.
 The cellars were covered in black spots where portabella mushrooms were grown in lieu of casks of wine during prohibition.
 The town was quaint and pretty, but it also felt empty, which was surprising for Memorial Day weekend.  But we enjoyed the quiet away from the kiddos for a couple of days.  Brian still managed to make friends everywhere we went, despite the thin crowds.  He's such a social guy, and is so friendly and curious about other people, while I tend to take a while to warm up to others.  He balances me out so well, and getting away together was a great reminder of just how much I need him around.
 We ate good food, drank decent wine, and reconnected on our quick trip away.  You can't really ask for more on a weekend trip.  Brian even found a dog or two to love on.
If you ever find yourself in the middle of Missouri, Hermann is a great little German town just to the west of St. Louis.  But if you're listening, Army, a duty station near Napa wouldn't go unappreciated.  Just saying.


  1. That looks like fun. I'm glad you had a good time. I'm like Brian, I chat with strangers everywhere. It's odd because I'm also shy. But my mom always did it and now I'm used to it. My husband, on the other hand, thinks it's weird. He barely speaks when he meets someone. :)


  2. Hm... good to know! That place looks lovely. And you two never cease to make me say "Awww" to myself. Such a sweet couple! Glad you had a nice little getaway!

  3. LOL - That last line has to be my favorite. I can't wait to visit you guys at that duty station! Glad you got to drink in some tastiness, enjoy each others company and get in a little local exploration. Also, the Missouri wine industry saved the French wine industry. So there's that. ;) More facts here: (I love wine)

  4. That last picture on the water is so inviting. Well, so is everything about a weekend stay at a winery. I'm so glad you two went for this! I love reading of your adventures, great or small. Just seeing this felt refreshing, and I didn't even go. Book another one! Sidenote: That dog looks just like our Penny, was she part Rhodesian Ridgeback?

  5. Every time Steve and I look at the list of Army posts, I say, "Oh I KNEW I should have married someone in the Navy!" ;) Kidding of course, but dammit if they don't have the best assignments! ;)

    Y'all seem to adapt so well anywhere you go. You even make MO look desirable! And from what I hear, that's no easy task. ;) Glad y'all had a fun weekend away!!

  6. I am so jealous! We have been thinking about doing a tour of local wineries, but I've been a little afraid--I lived outside of Napa for a while (not to sound snobby), and Tennessee isn't exactly known for wine. Now moonshine is another story, but the shiners tend to discourage touring lol. Anyway, I am now encouraged to try the locals!!


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