Wednesday, June 11, 2014

onondaga caves

I looked up from stitching for about 24 hours while my good friend, Kelly, and her son, Alex, came for a visit! Alex is the same age as Rowan, and although we don't get to see them as often as we'd like, we manage to get together with the kiddos at least once a year.  And our husbands take all the kids on a camping trip in the summer, while the mamas get an entire weekend to ourselves.  Which is a highlight of the summer for me!  I'm sure it is for Kelly, too.  But this visit will be a highlight of this summer, for certain, even though it was a quick one.

Missouri has a massive amount of caves, and there are quite a few around us.  We hadn't checked out the Onondaga Caves yet, so we thought that would be a fun little day trip with the littles.  It really was pretty great.  The caves were massively majestic, and the hour and a half walking tour was just the right amount of time for the kids.  I was really pleasantly surprised at how they listened to the tour guide, and asked questions.  And despite the tour guide sharply barking at me, "Don't touch the stalactite!" I really enjoyed the caves, too!  For the record, I was NOT touching the stalactite.  And although Rowan touched a couple before I could stop her, she never had the tour guide yell at her.  Not fair.
Kelly took all these pictures, and let me steal her sd card after our little cave trip.
Thank you so much, Kelly, for the great pictures, and the great visit!  Time with friends is just so good for the soul.


  1. Loved it! Now the countdown to the Great Camping Weekend of 2014 shall begin! :-)

  2. That looks very cool! Sorry you got yelled at though. Mean guide. ;)

  3. How beautiful! What a wonderful adventure-- despite the barking guide.

  4. This looks so magical! Love seeing all your explorations via photo. The rest of your summer plans sound perfect too, I'm hoping to see you! It's been too long!!! Glad you got to hang out with Kelly!

  5. How cool, why don't we have any caves here in New England. I'm sure there is a good geological explanation... or we do and I'm just to dopey to know ;)


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