Monday, June 23, 2014

and now he's 6

I won't go on and on about how fast time goes.  I really won't, I promise.  (But doesn't it?)  Sorry.  Anyway, cut to the chase... Fletcher turned 6 YEARS OLD yesterday.  He had pretty much the best birthday weekend a boy could have.  He went camping with Brian and Rowan and our friends who met them there.  They fished, they went on horseback (pony back) rides, they had campfires, and they came back beyond dirty and mosquito bite ridden.  There was just enough time for a bath yesterday before everyone started coming over for a little party!  We invited family friends over instead of school friends, but luckily there are mostly boys Fletcher's age in our family friends.

I made Fletcher's favorite foods, including his favorite junk food that we never actually buy and keep around the house.  Of course those are his favorites!  So our menu consisted of bacon (yes, just a big plate of bacon), cheddar biscuits, cheese and crackers, mixed nuts, guacamole, pudding, and neon orange colored chips and cheese puffs.  He was in heaven.
Fletcher's only request was for a Lego party.  Legos are really high on his list of awesomeness.  So like I did with a unicorn figure for Rowan's unicorn party, I stuck a Lego piece in his cake and lit some candles.  And then I just did the decorations in red and yellow, and figured that would do the job.  He thought it all looked great!
He particularly loved his cake, although he did ask me why I hadn't written the Lego logo on it.  Let's just say frosting is not my art of choice.  I think despite that he had a great day.  We all celebrated him, and loved on him, and by bedtime he was glowing from all of the attention and love. 
He said it was his best birthday ever.

So here's a little more on Fletcher.  He currently loves all things Lego, but I think his real passion is anatomy.  He is fascinated by the human body and checks out anatomy books from the library every time we go.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you're familiar with his Fletcherisms.  One night he was taking a bath and I asked him if he had washed all over, including his bum.  And he replied, "Yep, got right up into my colon."

He cracks us all up with his Fletcherisms, but some of them are sweet or thoughtful.  He's a gem, this one.  He is by no means perfect, but he has an intense love and compassion for others.  He cried when I explained why we gave a homeless man money while in the city recently, and he spent the ride home brainstorming on how we could build that man a home.

He is cuddly and affectionate, and says the most sincere loving things, like, "You are the best mama in the world.  I love you the MOST."  Although he will quickly add, "But I love everyone in the world the most."  He also gives the best compliments: "Mama, you make the BEST lunches."  "Rowan, you are the BEST drawer I've ever seen."  "Papa, you make the BEST pancakes in the whole WORLD."

Fletcher loves chocolate milk, but doesn't drink juice.  He eats almost all the vegetables, but isn't a big fan of fruit besides apples.  He is most definitely a morning person, and tends to get emotional when he's tired.  He is soft hearted, and easily gets his feelings hurt.  He will always concede to Rowan in a fight just so it can end.  He wants to be friends with EVERYONE, and doesn't understand it when some kids say they don't want to be his friend (boy are they missing out!).

He retains information very well, and is forever curious about the way everything works.  But if you ask him what he did today, he'll tell you that he forgets.  He's beginning to read just a little, and it's so exciting for us!  He loves books, and the fact that he can pick out some of the words is just amazing to him.  Brian has been reading through different series every night, including the Little House on the Prairie series, and Narnia series.  He likes them all.

His favorite color is red.  He still loves trains.  He begs me to get a puppy.  He loves adventures, and scares me with his fearlessness at times.  He loves both set of grandparents and asks often when we will see them next.  He wavers between thinking magic is real or not.  He thinks Dr. Who is the best show ever.  He sometimes refers to himself as "wild boy."  Peeing outside in our bamboo forest is his preferred method of urinating.  He is drawn to water and is a natural at swimming.  He still calls sandwiches "sangwiches" and I never want him to stop.

I could go on forever about this boy of mine.  He has changed the way I see the world.  He's changed us all for the better.


  1. You make the most adorable cakes! And what a sweetheart Fletcher is. He says the cutest things. And I wish just ONE of my kids would concede in a fight. I'm glad he had a great day. And, yes, the time passes so quickly when you have kids. My boy is 12 now! 12! He'll be a teen before I know it. :(

  2. Ruthie, I know it's supposed to be about Fletcher and his birthday but can I just say that you are THE BEST Mama! Having known you almost your whole life, I can see how being a mother HAS changed your life, and as you said--for the better. First of all, I love how you made his birthday so personally special by giving menu rights to him. That's something a lot of people may have overlooked, but it is so transparent to me how you allow your littles to be who they are. Even if it's sort of funny, different, or even crazy sometimes. It just fills my heart with love to see your sweet children growing into amazing people under your and Brian's nurturing love. To know your Fletcher is a gift. He is a special boy, and I can still hear his voice talking to me, "Auntie K." I remember when I stayed with you guys in Dundee and I thought I was in for a royal wake-up treat, but then you told me how you guys had taught Fletcher not to wake up your guests. It was just so sweet. I wouldn't have minded being woken up, of course. But you have taught me so much about being a Mama and you don't even know it. I know you wouldn't consider yourself an expert, but I just had to say how wonderful of a job I think you're doing! As a parent, I think it's sometimes challenging to be a "good listener" too, in addition to all the rules and direction we have to dole out and manage. This is an important piece that seems to come naturally to you, and your kids are lucky to be yours! Happy Birthay, Mr. 6! We all love you! xoxo

  3. Yay for the vegetable favorites!! And yay for the birthday boy!!! What a sweetie face!!

  4. What a sweet boy, he really has grown up so much. What a great mama you are, sounds like he had the best birthday!


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