Monday, July 28, 2014

favorite places

 While the kiddos and I were back home we visited one of my favorite childhood places.  It's a farm and settlement from the early 1800s.  It's a beautiful place frozen in time, and up until just a few years ago, it was still a working farm.  I always try squeezing in a trip there when we're back home to enjoy it and feel like I'm reliving a part of my childhood again.

And it's one of those places that doesn't tarnish from memory.  It really is just the same as my child's mind remembers it.
 What I didn't remember was that some summers the mosquitos are ridiculous.  And so my littles didn't find it *quite* so magical, maybe.
Here's hoping for a trip back in the Fall when the colors are glorious, the mosquitos are gone, and these grumpy face turn upside down!


  1. That face! She sees no charm at all does she lol. I love those settlements/farms-- we have several around these parts. And thank goodness there aren't any people in costumes "pretending" to be from the period-- that makes me a nuts!

  2. That last picture is hysterical. Mosquitos are one of those things that can totally ruin a good time. It looks like a beautiful spot!

  3. This was like taking a trip back, and I can still remember the last time I was there! With you and Tara actually, listening to some music, although I don't remember who was playing and why...Can I just say that the last photo is seriously laugh out loud funny, and no joke, I almost peed myself. Their faces are HILARIOUS!!!! Sorry about the buggy situation--but man--it made for a good laugh, thank you! Love that farm!!!

  4. It looks so lush and lovely - thanks for sharing! :-)

  5. I love natural places like that! That last picture is precious. The faces!!


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