Tuesday, July 1, 2014

treehouse living

This past weekend we packed our car to the gills with food, blankets, and books and took off for a treehouse in the woods!  We met our friends, Lacy and Dan, and their sweet baby at the campsite, which was heaven on earth for our kiddos.  There was of course the treehouse we stayed in, a big pool, a little lake with paddle boats, and tons of nature to dig around in.  And I was in heaven because there was air conditioning, hard cider, great conversation with friends, and a good book to read.
It was hot and humid, but it didn't matter.  There were cold drinks and a cool place to sleep at night.  All the time in and on the water really wore the kiddos out, and so there was a lot of rest time in Dan and Lacy's hammock, and Rowan even put herself down for a nap when she got sleepy.
The treehouse was actually built on a steep hill, so it wasn't in a tree.  We could walk straight onto the deck from a dirt path, but when we walked around the deck to the back, there was a long drop down to the ground.  We really were among the trees out on our little deck!  And our friend's treehouse was right in conversation distance from our deck.
We had a few cooking mishaps including blackened pizza crust one night, and forgetting about the oil bubbling on the fire.  So an oil fire gets really exciting in the woods!  Once the fire died down, Brian took the dutch oven off the fire, opened the lid, and a yellow cloud of smoke floated up from a now empty pot.  A quick trip into town for cooking oil and we were back in donut-making business.  Which are necessary for a successful camping trip, if you weren't aware.  
The little cried when we had to leave, and announced wishes to live in a treehouse all the time.  I may have fallen in love with the idea, too.


  1. That looks wonderful! And fresh donuts too? Sign me up for the next trip. ;) Jo

  2. What creative little forest dwellers you all are! I really thought this looked like so much fun! And I'm so glad that the weather cooperated for you! Even though it was humid, you never know with those crazy summer storms. Brings me back to our camping days! And yay for hammocks and naps, as always!

  3. Looks like a lovely, dreamy place to feel at ease in! :-)

  4. This looks perfect, Ruthie! It looks like we were having adventures in the woods at about the same time, though on different ends of this great country. So many beautiful wild places left, so glad you were able to enjoy one!

  5. That looks perfect, I wish I lived in the trees all the time too!


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