Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Capture: Brought to you by the letter "L"

This week's You Capture theme is the letter "L."  Anything beginning with L.  I had a few favorites, so I'm gonna post more than one this week!  More bang for you buck here at My Trash and Treasure.  Well, more bang for your free viewership, but it just doesn't sound as nice.

Here's the first (and the reason I took my camera to IKEA) lamp light.  See what I did with the double "L" there?  Just checking:

And now onto my personal favorites, baby legs:

And lashes:

Next week is "Technology."  Hmmm.  I'll be spending the week trying to figure out how to get pictures of my kids involved in that theme.


  1. Ooooh... I love the baby legs and the adorable legwarmers. (Also an "l" word.)

  2. Love IKEA! Cute pictures of the little one!

  3. Oh, what adorable baby legs! I'm loving the polka dots!

  4. oh my those baby legs (incl. the baby) are precious!

  5. ah, gorgeous. i have a soft spot for all three: baby legs, lamps, and sweet lashes. (and i totally award you bonus points for the double L. rock on.)

  6. LOVE the luminescent lamps and the luscious legs and lengthy lashes!
    Have fun and can't wait to see the technological side of Ruthie and camera...I'm know you guys have quite the collection of gadgety things.
    Love your blog!


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