Friday, March 8, 2013

making pizza

On Monday the littles had a field trip to make pizza at a local, family owned pizza parlor.  Really it was Rowan's class, but her teacher let Fletcher participate.  The grandson of the owner is in Rowan's class.  It was so fun!  Fletcher and Rowan really enjoy being a part of any cooking or baking project, so this was destined to be a great field trip for them.

They laid out the pizza crust, and let the kids put whatever topping they'd like on top.  Rowan just wanted cheese, which seemed like a big travesty to the owner.  He looked at the pizza and started talking quickly and loudly in Greek to his daughter.  I have no idea what he said, but the daughter sighed and told him, "Papa, put the pizza in the oven.  She's a two year old."  Ha!  Fletcher luckily loves his cured meat products, so his pizza covered in ham and pepperoni passed the chef's critique.
I love that the restaurant is set up so that you can see into the kitchen, and watch the pizza chefs put the toppings on.  While the place filled up with seriously delicious smells, we took pictures of all the littles in their cute chef hats.
Those goofy faces.  When the pizza was finished baking, we pretty much ran to the tables and devoured our lunch.  Rowan is a HUGE fan of pizza- it's her hands down favorite.  You won't believe me, but she ate her entire little pizza.  The whole thing.  It is the best pizza in town, so I don't blame her.  Luckily for me, Fletcher only ate a couple slices, and I helped him finish his.  I'm helpful that way.
Fletcher's favorite part was checking out the caboose that is parked right down the road from the pizza parlor.  We always have to stop and check it out on the way to the car.


  1. Field trips to places with food are the BEST kind of field trips. Looks delish! And I love their hats and the funny face picture! The joys of being a mama and chaperone!

  2. these pictures are really sweet, ruthie. i don't know why but this blog post reminds me of the ones you used to write a long time ago. just the kids and their cuteness. throw-back blog!

  3. Oh, what a fun time! I love seeing all of those little chefs all lined up (and your two are particularly cute)!

    We love pizza too, and go nearly every Friday to a pizza place just a couple streets over. It is such a load off to not fight these picky little eaters one night of the week!

  4. Oh what fun! Your school looks wonderful. I think little field trips like this are so good for kids! I love it!

  5. Fun times - and they are all so sweet in their hats! :-)

  6. I love that idea for a field trip, and they look adorable! Would you believe that W doesn't really like pizza?! It's so annoying, he'll eat the kind I make which is veggie heavy but pushes around the regular stuff. Bummer because ordering in pizza used to be one if my favorite treats.

  7. I meant to ask you about this so I am happy to see this post! Love, love, love the hats and the smiles and the pizza! Sounds like a wonderful day with the kids. Bravo for taking the time to help out at school!!

  8. They are soooo adorable in their chef hats. You were so kind to finish the pizza. ;)


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