Friday, March 22, 2013

outside my window

Outside my window there is snow.  Again.
Rowan was excited to see more snow.
But then she saw me taking pictures and said, "Ok, ok.  No more pichas mama."  It's happening.  I'm losing my last willing model!
And I'm not going to lie.  I still get a little bit excited, even this late in the year to see such pretty white stuff out there.  But we're also about to go on a long car trip for Spring break, so warm weather would have been nice.  Oh well.
No matter the weather, we're going to enjoy this break.  It is Brian's first actual vacation in well over a year.  He is about to change jobs and take command of a unit, so I know that more work is coming his way.  Hopefully the work won't keep him at work until 7 to 8 pm every night, but you never know.  So no matter what Mother Nature throws our way, we are going to enjoy our break!

Are you taking a trip or long break this Spring?  Hope you have better weather in your area!


  1. that's a cute perspective, Ruthie. The window and the sunny smile. wish you were joining us next week. xoxo

  2. I surely hope that you guys squeeze every last drop of spring out of this break no matter how cold or snowy it is. Your pictures are always so wonderful, I love the picture window view with the stained glass. Safe travels to your family and please take more pichas, we love them. And all of you! xoxo

  3. I also love the snow, but am starting to crave a bit of spring. We had snow on our spring break too, so I guess its going around, sigh. Congrats to your husband on the change of job!! So glad you will all get to take a break before jumping in! {and I love the stained glass in the first pic, so beautiful!}

  4. It's been snowing all week here too! Hurry up spring!! Have a fun trip :)

  5. We´ve had "real" spring this weekend, it was fantastic! Even took a run and it almost felt like early summer. :-)

  6. Snow! It's pretty. But c'mon! You guys look like you're having a great break via Instagram :)

  7. I cannot feel happy about anymore snow! No way! But I do hope you are enjoying your break. :)


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