Wednesday, March 6, 2013

this boy

The other night Fletcher picked out the book Where the Wild Things Are for one of his bedtime books.  I told him it was my very favorite when I was his age, and how I still love reading it to him.  After we finished reading, getting tucked in, and getting snuggles, Fletcher told me that we should read the book every night.  And that he'd only read it with me since it's our special favorite book!  He's pretty special himself that way.  Full disclosure: he did go on to tell me about a Spongebob episode that involved some pretty gross scenes.  So, yeah.  He's still a boy.  But he's my favorite boy ever.


  1. A collection of all of his quotes and truisms...I would totally read that! He is just the sweetest. No doubt why he's your favorite boy ever. Love him!

  2. He's your favorite boy ever? :(

  3. Is it me, or does he look like a mini-Brian in this photo???? So so cute.

  4. He seems like just the sweetest kid. Adorable!


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