Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I was never close to my cousins.  Geographically and otherwise.  We had fun playing together when we were together, but we didn't have relationships outside of family get togethers.  And I have a LOT of cousins.  I wish we could live closer to my brother and Brian's brother so that our littles could grow up together.  When we visit home, Fletcher and Rowan just fall right into playing comfortably with their cousins, but I know this can change in just a few short years! 
I'll try to enjoy it while I can, watching these kids play together so freely.  I hope their cousins can become their constant friends since we will be moving every few years with the Army.  It's not going to be a perfect life for these littles, trying to find new friends everywhere we go, but hopefully they can always rely on cousin friends back at home.


  1. Family is the best, isn't it? I was close to my cousins when we were young {in the same way you referenced-- not seeing each other much, but being buddies whenever we did}. As adults we've all gone our separate ways & basically keep up with each other through our parents more than anything else. Still, it was great when I was a kid!

  2. Like you, I have a zillion cousins as well. We all got along great when we were together, but we didn't grow up in the same town (or even state) so the only times we got together were for big family functions. Still fun, but now I just get stories here and there from my parents about what they're up to now. So glad they have cousins their age to play with! :)

  3. Oh, Ruthie...I almost teared up at the last picture and sentiments. You are doing a WONDERFUL job, you and Brian, and it's a great trait to be able to make friends wherever you go. That is something they are learning from you! You are as good as friends get, and I feel what you are saying for sure. I get all sad sometimes that I'm not around my girls and my family/sisters/aunts, but we all just need to work together to make this world smaller and get more visits on the calendar! Miss you terribly! xoxo

  4. They are so adorable together, the group of them! My husband was so close to his cousins growing up, of course, since they are Italian. ;) But I didn't live near any of mine. I would love for my kids to spend more time with their cousins.


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