Friday, August 23, 2013

early morning

Now that the littles have to wake up early for school, I set my alarm a half hour before they have to get up.  Some days I hit the snooze button until it's time to wake them up, but some days I actually get up with the alarm.  And it is always rewarding.  I pour myself a cup of coffee in a favorite cup.  I say one last goodbye to the moon before she slips away from the rising sun.
I linger over whatever produce our gardens are giving.  Mostly they are giving weeds after a summer full of trips away, but some of the plants grow heartily, giving peppers, tomatoes, and watermelons.
Brian's ghost chilis are really doing well, and I don't even touch them, they are so notoriously hot.  But jalapeños are my favorite, and I have a lot of pico de gallo in my future.
New flowers seem to appear overnight around here.  Wildflowers blown in from another area, or spread from visiting birds can crop up in the unlikeliest of places.  The wild morning glories threaten to cover everything, and I am constantly pulling them out of bushes and beds where they don't belong.  They are a beautiful nuisance.
And just when I find the bottom of my first cup of coffee, it's time to wake the littles.  They are so groggy yet cheerful these mornings, and I am trying to cherish this while I can.  I know that groggy cheerful littles can turn into groggy grumpy bigs in no time.
And they eat breakfast slowly, trying to get their eyes adjusted to the brightening light.  They are quiet, yet happy, and it's my favorite time of the day with them.
We talk about what the day will bring, and they stretch and yawn themselves into wakefulness.
And just for those first morning moments, life is calm, peaceful, and relaxed.


  1. That was such a sweet and satisfying little morning story, morning glory. Loved the garden gazing too. I am in awe. The littles! They are so sweet, those two! And their mama and papa too. Hopefully they stay cheerful for a long time to come!

  2. So sweet-- from the wildflowers to the waking littles!

  3. Not only are you gorgeous! You have amazing talent. Your husband is a LUCKY LUCKY man!

  4. Hey! Cool lantern in Fletchers room. We are going through an "Afraid of the dark" phase. If I forget to ask you on the phone, can you tell me where you got it? I like the glow it provides and I think Alex would get a kick out of the use of "camping" gear in the bedroom. Great pictures, as always. The flowers are beautiful. What's the plan for the ghost chilies?

  5. Love this. I so so wish that I was a morning person. It's such a peaceful and beautiful time of day, but no matter how many times I promise I will get up, I always wait until the last minute. One line in this post made me choke on my lunch though... 'wake up the littles'!? Say what? I can't remember any time I ever had that pleasure. W is apparently a morning person, unlike his mother :)

  6. Sweet pictures. I wish I could get my ass up early to enjoy some quiet time. But I have trouble even getting up on time. :( And my daughter always hears me if I try to get up without her!


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