Friday, August 16, 2013

little friends

While we were in Denver, we stayed with one of my best friends, Jo Ellen, and her family.  She had just had a baby boy, Ben (who is a month old today!).  He was the sweetest.
Our other kiddos are close together in age.  Which made for lots of great playing together!  The boys had so much fun with their imaginations, transformers, and superheroes, while the girls had dance parties in princess dresses and played house.  Gender play was STRONG in that house for a week, let me tell you.
Now that we're back home, Rowan can occasionally talk Fletcher into marrying her in a mock-wedding, but there was barely a mingling of the genders at Jo's save for meals or book time.
They all played well together with just a few tears in between the fun.  And all the while I got lots of time to snuggle baby Ben.  It was a very good week for all of us!
Jo and I got to sneak out for half a day for some thrifting, lunch, and shopping, and it was heaven.  We may have squeezed in an estate sale really quickly, too.  I tried to help out a little with meals and diaper changes and negotiating with children, but I'm sure all of us inundating their home didn't help all that much in the long run.  So a huge huge thank you to Jo and her husband, Chris, for letting us come and stay and have the best time ever.  We love you all ever so much!!


  1. What a lovely group--great pictures. I love seeing all the kids' faces and how much they're growing. It just looks like the girls and boys have been old friends for life already! :)

  2. Such a great bunch - and that baby pic almost made me die a little..! :-)

  3. It sounds like everyone had a great time with friends! What a lovely summer adventure.

  4. Love this, R! You'll have to bring Brian back with you next time, of course. Then we'll really have a good time.

    You were so so helpful and we consider ourselves lucky that we had such quality time with you and the kids. Thanks again for the love. xoxo

  5. Gorgeous kids, all of them! It's great when they can pair off. You might actually end up with a moment to yourself. Maybe. ;)


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