Thursday, August 15, 2013

first day

I always really liked the first day of school.  All the way through college.  It was a fresh start, and you never knew what the year would hold.  Of course that luster of newness never lasted past the first week, but I always had that first day.  I think my kids are the same.  They land more in the excited camp than in the nervous, clinging to mama camp.  They scampered right out of my car yesterday and eagerly ran into their new school.

After an unfortunate misunderstanding involving "uniforms" and "unicorns," Rowan was right on board to go to school 5 half days a week, the same as her big brother.  She's feeling mighty grown up these days.  She asks often, "Am I a bid (big) durl (girl)?"  And I have to sigh and tell her, yes, she's getting there.
I have no idea where she came up with the banjo player idea.  She has some innovative ideas about grown ups.  Who knows?  Maybe she'll be the next Steve Martin.

Fletcher loves school, but was hesitant about starting in a new school this year.  We moved to our town last year well past the time everyone else signed up for Preschool, so we had to settle for a school that wasn't our first pick.  This year we moved into our first pick school, and I can tell already that it's a winner of a school.  But Fletcher is like me that he craves familiarity and tradition.  But he said yesterday was a great first day.  He also said he misses his old school, but I know he will adjust fine.
They don't come much sweeter than this kid.  He wants to join the Army so that he can be with his Papa everyday.  I didn't break the news that his Papa would long be retired by the time he was old enough to join.  And also?  Over my dead body, kid.

Here are a few gems from our quick before school photo shoot yesterday.  You can just see the love for his sister all over Fletcher's face.  Ah, siblings!
Also, can we get a side of cheese with all this ham?  I mean, they look like a JcPenny ad here.  Rowan even has her leg model posed.  No, I did NOT tell her to do it.
And there above is how Fletcher was really feeling.  I was feeling the same way.  After a long lazy summer, a 6 am alarm is seriously, um, alarming.

Hope all your littles are having great first days where ever you may be, friends!


  1. For serious!!?? They cannot get any cuter!! Cracking up about the JC Penney ad because, YES! The "leg up" did me in. These are the most precious FDOS pictures, Ruthie! LOVE them so much. Have an extra cup of coffee for that 6am alarm. I love you!

  2. They are too cute in those little uniforms! Such big kids now, how can it happen so so fast?!

  3. They are THE CUTEST!! Please send them my way at your earliest convenience. I can send you my new address is that helps speed along the process. ;)

  4. Oh, Ruthie, they are so cute! What a great idea to write their little wishes and dreams about being big onto the photos like that. And you know what? I like that Rowan's ideas about adulthood. I hope those don't change for her! :)

  5. Ruthie, they are just the CUTEST. Love the JCP ad photo. I want to squeeze Rowan so tight and give Fletch a bit of coffee. ;)

  6. They are just so darn cute - model poses and all! My girl is starting to do "sexy" poses. I have to tell her to tone it down. ;)

  7. They are SO CUTE. I can't stand it. Seriously, I love them. Gus's first day of school is coming up and while I've been sort of okay I'm now all of the sudden freeeaking out! MY BABY.

  8. So sweet!! Congrats to your baby girls first day!!

  9. That JC Penney leg picture is the best picture ever! Wherever you bought those uniforms, you should offer the kids up for modeling services. Glad they enjoyed their first day. Hope you enjoyed the silence, too! ;)


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