Tuesday, November 5, 2013

a little Christmas in the shop

Hi friends!  I just wanted to do a quick update on my etsy shop!  It's been doing really well, and I so appreciate the orders that any of you have put in.  It's been a pleasure to make something with my hands that people actually find worth their money.  That's a real honor, guys.

As we get on towards Christmas/Christmas shopping time, I will be adding a few little items.  I recently added this Elf quote ornament that promptly sold out, but I will be adding more of them later this week.
And just today I added a couple of plush ornaments.  A little birdie and a little penguin!  Only $12 each, and completely hand done with soft felt and silk blend fill.
And of course I LOVE doing any custom orders.  Those are my favorite, knowing I am making something very specific that you will hopefully love.

I hope you have a second to go visit my shop, and I would love to make you a little something this Christmas!
Click HERE to find a great Christmas gift, and start knocking those names off your list!


  1. congrats on the opening! way to go :) these ornaments are lovely!

  2. You are so talented!!! I'm absolutely in awe-- and that penguin is adorable!!!

  3. Can we please call it a shoppe? Please? ;) Looking forward to ordering more treasures from you, friend.

  4. I think you have impeccable timing. This was the best idea ever--opening "shoppe," ( ;) to Jo), and then holiday buying begins! Your ornaments are not only the best things ever, I smile thinking about how many Christmas trees they will be adorning! I want them all! I used to collect Starbucks ornaments, but now I think I have a new favorite. Ruthie's etsy shop is my favorite!!!!!! xoxo


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