Friday, November 1, 2013


I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!  Ours was very rainy, wet, and chilly.  So I unfortunately do not have any pictures of actual trick or treating.  Luckily there was a preschool costume parade at the school, so I got to watch and play paparazzi for my kiddos.  Fletcher decided long ago that he would be a dalek from Dr. Who for Halloween.  I decided it was time to hang up my homemade costume hat for that one, but then found out it was nearly impossible to BUY a dalek costume.  So Brian took that one on his shoulders and came up with something pretty great.  Rowan also decided a while ago to be a princess bride.  Luckily my neighbor had a bride costume already.  Unluckily, it was a size 8 and I needed to temporarily make it fit a size 3.  So I made alterations, but didn't have to make her costume from scratch.  Both littles were very pleased with their costumes.
Rowan just didn't want to wear her veil, so she carried it instead.  Fletcher got tired of the helmet and his plunger and whisk while he was trick or treating, too.  And some people confused him with a waffle or chocolate chip cookie.  Or they just had no idea what the heck he was.  He didn't seem to mind, and he still got plenty of candy.

We all went to bed exhausted and full of sugar.  It's tradition.


  1. I'm loving your kids' costumes this year! Jackson got a total of 8 pieces of candy (we didn't make it very far, lol) so I kinda lost out. I had to buy a bag of Reese's darks just for myself. Their "Grand March" looks adorable! Happy Halloween!

  2. Lots o' rain here too! But the kids kept up (as did I) for over two hours...and got waaay too much candy! I'm helping them eat it though. I know, so kind of me. Your kiddos look super cute in their costumes!

  3. I tried to look-up Dr. Who on Wikipedia (I have to keep up with one of my favorite kiddos, right?) But I have to say even the "condensed" summary had me a little overwhelmed. I guess Star Wars is as much geek as this Mama can handle. Regardless, both of your munchkins looked darling. I hope they saved some candy for you. :)

  4. YAY DALEK COSTUME!!! We adore Dr. Who & that costume is about the best thing ever (congrats to the Mr. for coming up with it). And YAY PRINCESS BRIDE too, which is another family fave. Both wee ones look adorable!

  5. Such adorable costumes! Love that they got an indoor parade - I remember those from my own grade school days :)


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