Tuesday, November 19, 2013

manly gifts

 I don't normally do gift guides.  Mostly because I'm pretty clueless when it comes to creating them.  Gift giving doesn't come naturally to me, I really struggle to find the perfect something for everyone in my life.  Even my own husband can be difficult!  So I thought I'd share with you some of the gifts that I've either given Brian in the past, or that I know he'd like.  And hopefully you can find something on this list that your guy/father/brother might enjoy for a gift this year!
 Bow ties from The Director's Cabin on etsy.  I ordered this Dr. Who bow tie for Brian (he knows already) and a matching kid version for Fletcher! Their bow ties are so fun, and don't you know that bow ties are so popular right now!  And not just for hipsters, I promise.  There are Dr. Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, and superhero bow ties to be found in this shop, not to mention hair bands for the girls.  And they offer "do it yourself" bow ties that you tie, or pre-tied bow ties for the not so nimble fingered.
Is there anything more luxurious than cashmere wrapped around your neck?  I think men mostly miss out on the pleasure of cashmere.  But this really affordable cashmere tartan scarf is a perfect introduction for men!  Bonus points gift for those men with Scottish heritage.
One of my favorite purse/bag maker ever, Pansy Maiden, started a men's line called Alva DoRight recently.  She has a wide range of messenger, laptop, and backpacks that any man would love to carry. And they are all vegan, cruelty-free, and hand made.
I love Williams Sonoma.  I know, some of their stuff is pricey, but I have loved everything that I've ever purchased there.  And these two items happen to be really reasonable!  A cast-iron bacon press that really could not be cuter.  Sorry to transition from a vegan bag to a bacon press, but my husband loves bacon. And most men I know love bacon.  Apparently the bacon press helps the bacon cook more evenly, quickly, and keeps your bacon flat.  Which is a good thing?  I don't know.  What I do know is that it's super cute.  And ice sphere makers are really popular in our house.  Brian is a bourbon lover, so he likes to use the spheres for his drinks.  The spheres supposedly melt more slowly, while chilling the bourbon more quickly.  I think they just look cool, and that's probably the biggest draw.
And then of course, you could find a little Star Wars love in my shop!  I know my manly man loved them, even if they WERE embroidered.

Happy shopping, my friends!


  1. Dang, those are a lot of great gifts. Brian is lucky because, despite your claims of being clueless, you ARE NOT! Those are right up his alley and you are a sweet lovely DoRight wife. I know he knows too. :) Keep the gift guides coming! :) Love it!

    1. And that bacon press, I need to get one! It also makes me really wish I had a gas stove!

  2. I agree with Karen! What thoughtful gift ideas! I love that bacon press as well. Maybe for the husband... maybe for me! Thanks for sharing your ideas and providing the links!

  3. ha ha, my husband would love that bacon press too! anything cast-iron is right up his alley.

  4. I love those ice spheres! But since I'm into bourbon these days it would just be another gift for myself... sigh. Good ideas though!

  5. I totally agree about men and bacon. Now; why is that I wonder?! :-)

  6. Hey, mama! Do you have a contact email I could write to you at?
    Thank you! xo

  7. I love the tartan scarf (probably because of my partly Scottish heritage)! And the vegan bag is awesome (though I had noticed that it was followed up by bacon). ;) Thankfully my husband is a vegetarian. :) I find shopping for men so difficult. After the weekend we've had I could use some of those ice sphere makers! That might be the thing to get my husband! :)

  8. You have the best taste Ruthie!!

  9. Great ideas! Men can be tricky , I am usually good with Janes but my uncles are impossible so I always love the extra ideas!


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