Friday, April 15, 2011

friday facts: it's Brian's birthday!

{no, this isn't Fletcher, it's Brian circa 1970-something}

Hello there all my dozen readers.  Or so.  Let's take a break from exposing embarrassing facts about Ruthie and talk about Brian!  It is, in fact, his birthday today.  Uh, Brian is my husband for those of you who don't know.  But you should probably know that by now. 

I got lucky with this one.  He's a pretty awesome guy.  He takes really good care of all of us, and since he's in the army, he takes good care of you, too.  He does.  You just can't tell, but he does.  We can tell around here.  If he weren't around, who would do all this?

1.  Give horsey rides.  Mama don't give horsey rides.  Period.  Only Papa can do it.

2. Take out the trash.  Mama don't take out the trash.  Period.

3. Build stuff.  Build and fix lots of stuff.  Mama don't... ok, you get the point.  Wanna see what he builds?  Go here.

4. He makes the weekend fancy breakfasts.  Pancakes?  Omelets?  Waffles?  Yeah, he does all that.

5.  He takes the kids the minute he comes home so I can be "alone" for a little bit.  A walk to the park, play outside, a trip to the store, or just horsey rides in the livingroom so that Mama can make dinner and collect herself.  And not be pulled on, drooled on, whined to, cried to... I could go on forever here, people.

6.  Lawn mowing, snow blowing, leaf blowing... Ok, I know that some of this is falling under gender roles, but seriously?  I don't like to do these things.  And he does it.

7. There is coffee in the pot when I wake up every. single. morning.  This is perhaps most important of all.  God bless you, Brian, for your coffee making skillz.  Anyone else's coffee tastes like yuck compared to yours.

8. He does bath time.  Alright, I sometimes help out, but it's really his field of expertise, really.  And I can just sit back and watch, or maybe blow a bubble or two.  Oh, and speaking of baths, when I take my biannual bath (ha- I take showers, don't worry) he'll bring me a glass of wine.  But not the kids.  They don't get wine with their baths. 

9. Makes us all laugh.  Even when we feel like crying.  Right Rowan and Fletcher?  They say right.

10.  He's super handsome.  Ok, that's not really something he does, but it works for me.

Happy Birthday, Brian.  I love you!


  1. This is such a sweet post, luck you girl! I hope your man has a lovely birthday.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

  2. So sweet. Love it. What a great celebration of Brian.

  3. Sounds like he's perfect for you. Happy Birthday to Brian!

  4. Wow, Brian, you've really spoiled my daughter. This is a wonderful tribute to all the wonderful things you are. Well, maybe not all, I know there are many, many more. Love ya. Mom

  5. Ok, now I am feeling like he is super dee duper awesome and maybe now I think he should pass on some of his wisdom to my husband. Yes, brian you are really making him look bad right now. You are a great guy, happy birthday!!!


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