Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Capture: pink

Well, thank goodness it's finally feeling more like spring, cause there was a lot of pink to be found for You Capture this week!  Not to mention Easter, which just begs for everything to be awash with pastels.  Some of these will be redundant for my facebook friends, but tough noogies.  I likes me kids.  So I take more pictures of them than I care to admit. 

Ok, pink.  I took some liberty with these because I'm cramming some of just Easter pics in with pictures I took specifically for this challenge.

{uh, there's pink in the basket.  sorry, I just love the picture}

{same story here.  there are also pink flowers on Rowan's dress.  hand-me-down vintage from me!}

{specifically taken for this challenge.  my mom-in-law's tulip tree (I think?) about to bloom.}

{Fletcher and his cousins taking an egg hunt break to count their loot}

{and he's off again!  real men carry pink baskets}

{this one kills me the way the cousins are holding hands.  and dig that pink mining hat- complete with light.  the dude is my brother-in-law}

{my bleeding hearts popping out.  a big favorite of mine.}

 Hope all of your Easters were equally colorful and blessed.


  1. Wow, those bleeding hearts are amazing! Great Easter shots!

  2. Adorable photos, especially the first one. And the bleeding hearts are gorgeous!

  3. Love the vintage dress and basket on her head. That is a classic Easter look! :)

  4. What fun pink pictures. Your children are just precious♥

  5. Aww I love those easter shots. The 1st one is great and the basket on the baby makes me laugh.
    Those bleeding hearts are amazing!!!

  6. i so enjoyed your entries this week -
    and i would love to have one of those bleeding hearts in my yard


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