Monday, April 18, 2011

weekend update, aka pictures of my kids

We had a big weekend.  It was Brian's birthday, as you all know, we had company, and we had to use a groupon to the Children's Museum that was going to expire.  Because we like to wait til the last minute here.  Keeps us on our toes!  So not too many words, but words with pictures if you will. 

First, I will share with you all the cupcakes I made for Brian's birthday.  His favorite candy is Reese's Peanut Butter cups, so I was trying to figure out a cake for this.  I found a recipe, but everything was from scratch.  And I didn't have from scratch time.  I had from a box time.  But I still wanted it speeeciaaal.  So here's what I did.  I gathered a box cake mix, the pb cups, icing and peanut butter.  I used chocolate cake mix and vanilla icing, but you could probably use whatever and it would taste good.

Mix cake mix according to instructions.  Duh.  Pour into cupcake pans about half way.  Plop one pb cup into each one, pressing down slightly.

Then cover up to about 2/3 full.  Make sure you cover them!  Also make sure you drip the batter across the pan so it gets all smokey and burny when you bake it.  Just cause.

Bake according to mix instructions.  Duh.  Whilst they are baking, mix together icing of your choice with peanut butter.  I used a 2 to 1 formula for icing to peanut butter.  It was very scientific. 

When cupcakes are completely cool, ice away!  And then decorate if you are so inclined.  I was so inclined for a few.

Assemble the troops to sing Happy Birthday! 

Next up, the Children's Museum!  What fun!  The kids loooooved it.  Especially Fletcher.  But they did have a baby room that Rowan also thoroughly enjoyed.

If there is a button, switch, or lever, Fletcher will find it and push it, switch it, or crank it. 

This was part of a series of tubes that would suck various toys all around and then spit them back out.  Oooo, sucky! 

Rowan found a ducky in the water area.  She kept putting it in her mouth.  Along with everything else she came into contact with.  We're just waiting for the next wave of sickness to arrive. 

Playing with Papa in the baby room.

Just for the record, Fletcher is pressing his forehead against a pane of Plexiglas.  He doesn't really have a flat forehead.  That would be weird. 

Shadows!  In color!!

My favorite part was this installation.  It was like a giant Lite Brite!!  We all played with it for a while.

The black light made us feel extra grooovy.  On the way out was a hall of mirrors area.  Trippy.

Getting tired.  We stayed til closing.

And then we did this on the way home.  Well, I didn't.  I was driving.  That would be dangerous.

We kept the celebrating going all weekend with cookouts and visits from family.  See?  Here's Rowan having a good time.

She apparently cannot hold her liquids because shortly after this, she took off all her clothes and went streaking through the house.

Just kidding, friends.  Don't call CPS.  My baby did NOT drink any beer or alcohol.  That would be irresponsible.  She did, however, streak.  But that's legal when you're 11 months old. 

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