Friday, April 1, 2011

friday facts: confessions of a sick mama with sick babies

1. My littles watched a gabillion hours of t.v. this week.  There, I said it.  Go ahead and throw the stones now.  I'd do it again in an INSTANT.

2. We gave the two (almost 3!) year old some cold medicine.  I KNOW, ok?  You aren't supposed to.  But the pharmacist at Target (holla, Michele, I'm taking you down with me!) told us to give him 1/8 of the dose for 6 year olds.  So we did.  And he slept.  And did not cough and cry.  It was great.  I'd do it again in an INSTANT.  Before you pick up more stones, we did NOT give it to the baby.

Yes, the shirt says it all.  Crabby Cake INDEED.  And running a fever. 
3. I threw out my back wrangling the baby, who likes to suddenly play "stiff as a board" without any warning.  Yes, I know I sound like I'm 60 when I say things like "I threw my back out."  I've taken ibuprofen like skittles ever since.  My liver says boo, but my back is more bearable. 

4. I've taken out my crankiness of this sick-filled week on my husband.  More than once.  I would feel more guilty about it, but he gets to escape to work where he doesn't have sick children clinging to him and whining nonstop. 

5. My poor niece is spending her spring break here, and while I had plans for the Children Museum, parks, and other museums, I can't with good conscience lets my snotty drooly kids crawl all over public play places.  So my niece has been subjected to endless cartoons and whiny children for her spring break.  Nice.  I would like to add she hasn't complained about it even once.  What a champ!!

6. I only ran once this week.  And it was really more of a walk.  Ok, it was just a walk.  And that's all, folks.  I'm not going back to the gym until these lungs stop producing copious amounts of phlegm.  Sexy! 

7. I think we brushed Fletcher's teeth about once this week.  Gross.  But he's screaming and writhing after baths, and I'm just too. darn. tired.  Whatever, he gets more teeth later on.  It's like nature's second chance!!  On a side note, we did brush Rowan's teeth for the first time.  She loved it.

8. I have done zero cleaning this week.  Not that I can really blame all the sickness.  This is kind of per usual for me, in fact.

9. We got take out/drive through 3 days this week.

10.  When I "cooked" at home, it looked a little like this.  Or exactly like this.

Nothing like a home-cooked meal!  Yep, that's my beer in the background.  It was for medicinal purposes, of course.

11.  Ha, ha!  April Fools!  I actually cleaned the house from top to bottom, cooked gourmet meals, ran 15.6 miles, the children were charming and we did lots of fun crafts and played educational games.  I almost had you there, right?

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  1. Poor poor mama! I am sorry you are sick and injured. If you three were some of my soldiers, this would be the part where I give you a flinty stare and say somthing motivational. But you aren't you are my people and I wish you all felt better. Hang in there people, papa loves you and we will all be healthy again soon. BTW even sick, you take great photos. Love you!


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