Thursday, September 1, 2011

goodbye house. goodbye friends. goodbye neighbors. goodbye west dundee.

Tuesday I took the littles to my parent's house.  Wednesday morning I drove back to our house and watched as all our stuff got packed up into big boxes.  You never realize how much crap you've accumulated until you see it all in boxes.

I may have cried when they packed up the kid's rooms.  It was sad to see the rooms empty.

And today I watched as the boxes were loaded into the truck.  The huge huge truck needed for the crap we had accumulated.  Our house felt echo-y and empty.  Especially without the kids running through. 

And then I said one last good bye to our little house.

And then I said one last goodbye to West Dundee.  I fell in love with our little village.  I hope we find homes and towns as wonderful as we had here.  And I hope we find friends and neighbors as wonderful as we had here, too.  We'll miss you all!

I would be really sad and depressed right now, but tomorrow I'm leaving for a long weekend with my 3 best friends!  We're going to Vegas, and I just feel excited and happy to have something so great to look forward to.  So I'll be away from here for a little while.  Try not to miss me too much, and I'll update soon with details from a trip to Vegas!

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