Wednesday, September 28, 2011

unpacking. it's rough.

Hi friends.  Remember me?  Ok, just checking.  We are here in warm and sunny South Carolina, and oh boy have we been busy.  We got down here late last Wednesday evening.  We left the littles with the grandparents.  The delivery trucks arrived Friday, but first, we had to paint.  We have more painting to do, but there were two rooms that desperately needed paint: the lavendar family room and the hot pink bedroom. 

Now, I'm not trying to offend anyone if you have chosen these colors for your house, but they are hideous.  Ooops, I probably just offended you, sorry.   The lavendar isn't that bad, but it just doesn't jive with our taste and color preferences.  The master bedroom is also lavendar, but we're saving that for later on.  Anyway, we worked our taping and painting magic in about half the day last Thursday.  We were fast!  I highly recommend paint with primer added, I think it saved us a lot of time.

Thank you, Dexter, for the tutorial on unrolling plastic drop cloth.  We were ready to murder, er, paint!  There are sneak previews of the painted rooms towards the bottom of this post, so hold tight.  Like I said, the trucks arrived Friday morning!  Yes, our junk needed two big trucks.  I have no idea how this happened, but I swear our stuff got busy and multiplied in those trucks.

The movers took ALL DAY on Friday just to unpack the trucks, so they weren't able to help unpack boxes until MONDAY.  Brian and I spent all weekend trying to get the important stuff unpacked, like the kiddo's rooms and the kitchen.  Or if you're Brian, the garage.  I didn't ask questions, I just let him do his thing.  The unpacking of tools came in handy, so who am I to judge?  So they left us with a house looking like this:

{sneak preview alert on the family room color!  I know, it's a boring color, but we're renting and were instructed to keep it neutral}

 That's the dining room.

That would be the kitchen.

And the breakfast nook.  Or whatever it's called.

It's all coming together.  We've gotten almost all the boxes unpacked, but we're still organizing everything.  Also, stay tuned for a post titled "The Home Owners:  What were they THINKING???"  It'll be a good one, promise.

The movers came back Monday and helped unpack and put together furniture.  Here's the former hot pink room, now Rowan's room.  It's a light peachy tan that looks darker in this picture than in real life.  Brian gives it the thumbs up!

We JUST got the kid's rooms finished before they showed up yesterday.  The grandmothers flew down with our littles, and they all had a great time on the plane!  It was Rowan's first plane ride, and the first that Fletcher will remember.  The grandmas reported that they were perfect.  Thank God, because they would have been AWFUL for us.  It's just the way it goes it seems.

Be patient, I'll have more soon, but things are a leeetle hectic!

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  1. So glad to see you are not buried under boxes! The house is great and looks like it has plenty of spaces for all sorts of playing, living, dining, nooking, and anything else that you do. Are you gonna have an office area? Can't wait to visit!! Miss you.


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