Thursday, September 8, 2011

vegas, part 1

I flew into Las Vegas early on Friday and met one of the girls, Karen, at the airport.  The other 2 girls came in later that afternoon, so we had time to really check out the resort.  It was beautiful!

The offered a "room with a view" for about $25 extra a night, but since that was at least a couple drinks worth of cash, we went with the "room without a view."  This was our non-view.

Still nice, eh?  Jo and Karen enjoyed the view!

We spent a LOT of time at the pool and in the spa, which was just where I wanted to be.  They brought us wine poolside that was apparently squeezed from gold judging by the price.  But we really enjoyed the Green Valley Resort.  It's well outside the strip, but I highly recommend it if anyone wants a relaxing time in Vegas.

Not too shabby, right?  Our first night we stayed in at the resort where there was a huge casino, lots of restaurants, and lots of bars.  The best part of getting together with best friends is catching up while getting ready.

Or maybe the best part are the stories you come away with after the trip is over.  Karen provided a GREAT story on our very first night there.  We had a few drinks before heading out to dinner, and then stopped at the bar and had a couple more.  By the time we got to the restaurant, Karen was pretty happy.  We went to sit in the bar area, turned around, and Karen was gone.  I found her sitting at the bar with a very pink drink.  I took it away from her and led her to where we were sitting.  As we walked to our table, we passed a display table of food.  Karen stuck her hand in a big bowl of zucchini chips and pulled some out, asking loudly, "What are THESE?"  And then throwing them back into the bowl.  We all started laughing pretty hard, but Tara overheard another patron asking for the waiter to remove them because "that girl stuck her HAND in there."  Uh, it's display anyway, lady.

As Tara was telling us what the woman had said while we waited for our dinner, Karen got more and more irate at this woman.  By the time our meal was over, Karen was pretty riled up.  So as we walked out, she decided it would be a good idea to stick both of her hands in the bowl and kind of toss them up in the air, while looking around the restaurant with a look of defiance and triumph.  It's probably a good thing that we were on our way out!

And that was just our first night there...

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  1. I'm remembering all of these events so fondly with each and every snapshot. Things were never dull at the "Green River Valley."
    Exquisite photos!!!!


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