Friday, September 30, 2011

when we were nomads

I'm taking a break from anything to do with our new house, because I am sick sick sick of it.  I'm out of ideas about where anything should go, and I've just kind of hit a wall.  Plus two littles underfoot really put a damper in the unpacking process.  But!  On a more positive note, I finally found my razor!  This is good, because I was becoming a European Yeti.  Sorry for the tmi.

Anyway.  I am so appreciative to our families for housing us while we were being nomadic for near a month.  It could not have been easy.  The kiddos got grumpy, I got grumpy, and we left a trail of dirty clothes wherever we went.  But our parents were great.  They helped with the laundry, made us yummy meals, and entertained our poor discombobulated littles.  And while we were back in my hometown, we visited with friends and visited some of my favorite places from my childhood. 

A big thank you to Kris and Mike for having us over for dinner!  I went to high school with Kris and Mike and now they're married with 4 kids.  How can that be?  There's no way we're old enough to be getting together with our own kiddos.  We had a great time in their lovely home with their equally lovely children.  Their kids whisked Fletcher away to play and I barely saw him the rest of the night, and were just so kind to him.  Good food and good friends, that's what I call a perfect evening. 

We also got to go hang out at one of my favorite places in the world, Chellberg Farm.  It's a homestead that's now part of the state park near my parent's house.  We snuck away with Fletcher while Rowan was napping and had a great time!  Here we go, I took a gazillion pictures.

Brian and Fletcher popping jewel weed.  Fletcher really delighted in the way the seed pods exploded when you poked them.

Fletcher attached burrs to himself.

Found a caterpillar...

Had a 10 minute conversation with Mr. Caterpillar.  He didn't have much to say back, but Fletcher let him know that big things were in his future!

The barn at Chellberg.  The farm used to have animals and used to be a working farm, but sadly, the caretaker retired and they had to get rid of the horses, pigs, chickens and geese.  So sad.

Fletcher didn't find it sad.

Checking out the old wagon.

The husband.  Sorry, ladies, he's TAKEN.

The farm equipment tutorial.

Former farmboy teaches the city boy a thing or two.

Thistle.  One of my favorites.

Beginnings of Fall!  My favorite season.

The boy and his mama.  That would be me.

At the Bailly homestead cemetery.  The Bailly homestead is near to the farm.  (Machabees: obviously a Catholic family) 

Running back through the woods!

The boy.  Sorry ladies, he's taken.  He's also MINE!

Ok, next post I'll be back in the present.

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  1. I loved the journey! Thanks for takin me back! Loved those places...such a part of our childhood. Glad you could share them with your beautiful boy. So cute how he delighted in everything! I especially loved the conversation with a caterpillar. That is poetry in motion! Lovely essence of fall! Great post! And of course, yes, that's a great shot of your man...or should I say the Old Spice/Eddie Bauer model. :)


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