Wednesday, December 14, 2011

home tour: Christmastime

Now that this house is decorated for Christmas, it's starting to feel like home.  Just in time for us to pack and move to a new home soon.  But such is Army life, eh?  A huge thank you to my mom for helping me decorate this year.  I'm just worried about when it comes time to take it all down.  Who wants to come help? 

Let's start outside.  We have a beautiful fresh wreath and beautiful fresh garland around our front door.  Pretty, right?
My mom helped me wire the garland together made from tree scraps!  When we went to get our tree, they were cutting off the lower branches and throwing them out.  Well, I love a good deal, and you can't get better than free.  So they let me fill our car with cast-off tree branches.  We used our front door as a backdrop for our Christmas picture.
And you know you're in the South when your flowers are still in full bloom in December.
Here is the nighttime view.
And in the backyard I put little paper lanterns and big balls in the red oak.
We put the real tree in the formal living room, which is actually called the "man room" here in our home.  Obviously, it's Brian's room.  Our deal was I was allowed to do stuff like ruffly tree skirts and a whole wall of plates in the house if he could have this one room to remain manly.  It's a good deal. 
It is a PERFECT tree.  It is definitely the best shaped tree I've ever seen.  And in the family room we have the fake tree up, and I decorated the mantle over the fireplace.
And we hung the stockings from the tops of the high bookshelves instead of the fireplace because I was afraid the littles would yank on them and konk their heads with those heavy heavy stocking hangers.  And my mom put the village just out of reach of Fletcher and Rowan.  Except when they drag over the kitchen stool.
Kitchen window... the paper whites are so tall they are bending over!
We even decorated the kid's bedrooms for the first time this year.  Fletcher loves his tree, and the tree skirt he made with my mom.
And Rowan points to her decorations and says "pretty!"  I punched out her garland and strung it, and hung it with the gold store-bought garland.
And here are some more random pictures I took around the house.
Here is my pinterest wreath!
And here are my little elves.
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  1. You did a wonderful job decorating your home. And I have to say that your live tree is BEAUTIFUL!!! Wonderful photos of your family.

  2. Ruthie...everything looks so beautiful, you did a great job! And that window above the fireplace is amazing...I have never seen a window over a fireplace! Your two elves are simply adorable.

    Have a blessed Christmas!

    Your newest follower!

  3. I am on a high from that journey through Christmas Utopia! You really did a more than fantastic job there! It makes your home regal! Simply amazing!

  4. Beautiful mama and family. The house looks lovely!


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