Monday, December 5, 2011

why i love pinterest: diy ornament wreath

Well, my parents left yesterday, so after the next couple of posts, you might not see my mom's hands for a while.  But they'll be back for Christmas, so don't worry.  Well, you probably weren't worried.  That would just be me. 

I saw this wreath tutorial on pinterest and it looked so easy, I couldn't wait to try it!  If you'd like to try it, you'll need:

1 wire hanger
50-60 ball ornaments
thick ribbon, preferably wired
glue gun & sticks (if needed)

I picked up two big containers of balls at Walmart for 5 bucks a pop.  They came with 26 balls in each one, but you really need a few more than 52 to complete this.  The original tutorial said to use hot glue to secure the metal cap onto the ball, but when I went to do this, I couldn't pry the off.  So I figured they were secure!  Yes!  But I did have to create a circular shape out of the wire hanger.  Not as easy as it might sound.  But the good news is that it doesn't have to be perfectly round to work.
Now just start sliding the balls onto the wire!
Here it is with all my balls.  You can see it left a pretty sizable gap, but that is the reason behind the really huge ribbon bow.
So of course my mom got to work on a bow.
She'll have to do a guest blog on how to make one of her big-ass bows!  Because although I watched, I'm not sure I can imitate.  She also wrapped the hanger so you wouldn't see it.
And that's it!  I was going to use smaller balls with the big ones on this, and that probably would have looked pretty nice since they would have filled in some of the gap-age.  But it turned out pretty awesome despite it!
You can't help loving a project that is so easy but has so much impact!

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