Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Nativity story, in the glorious tradition of Fletcher

Brian posted this whole episode on his facebook page last year, so all the pictures and the writing is by Brian.  It is just too funny not to share here this year.  So pardon the repeat if you remember this from last Christmas.
The Birth of Our Lord is Celebrated by Fletch and the family with Rowan's new Fisher Price Nativity set. Attended by the traditional observants of the Holy Family, The Angel of the Lord. A sheep, a donkey, a cow, The Magi and their camel, an African elephant and a Golden Retriever named Dan the Dog.
The story unfolds.

The joyous occasion is joined by "Nu" (we do not know why this is his name other than it rhymes with canoe and Ruthie couldn't think of kayak at that hour of the morning).
Nu arrives.
Builds a fire for the Holy Family and Guests...
and being a loner departs, leaving his companion, Dan the Dog in the capable hands of our Lord. You really had to be here for this folks. I have paid big bucks for drama before, but watching this unfold was actually more enthralling.

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