Wednesday, December 28, 2011

recycling Christmas cards

I thought I'd share a quick little tip on recycling Christmas cards into pretty gift tags for next year.  Every year when I go to pack away our wrapping paper and bows, I take all the Christmas cards we get and decide if there are any that could be cut into gift tags.
And then I get to cutting out pieces in all shapes and sizes.

And then I tuck them away with the paper, ribbons and bows for next year.  That way when I go to wrap my presents, I have pretty and unique tags!  I write on the back of the picture, or on the side if there is space, and then I punch a hole and attach with ribbon, or just tape it to the present! 


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  1. That is splendid, my friend, just splendid! I think I will just pin YOU; another great idea!!


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