Wednesday, September 19, 2012

first fire

The real reason I love the cooler weather that is finally coming in: fires in the fireplace.  It was finally cold enough to have one over the past weekend!  Hooray!  One reason we got this house was because it has a fireplace AND a woodburning stove.  After we signed the lease, we found out the fireplace has a tricky damper on it, and we may smoke out the house if we use it.  So that's not great.  But we still have the woodburning stove, so Brian stacked it up with kindling, and started a nice roaring fire.  It really warmed up our chilly damp house, and we all gathered around with popcorn to watch the crackling licks of flames. 
Brian said he appreciated how the woodburning stove showed the fire in letterbox, ha! 


  1. I´m sooo envious - would have loved to be able to light a fire! One day though, one day!

  2. So cozy and nice! We are lucky to have a fireplace as well and we love having a fire in the evenings. A wood stove does a much better job of heating the space though, our fires only warm the living room whereas my mom's woodstove heats the whole first floor. Lucky you to have both!

  3. Looks so cozy!! I woke up to a freezing cold house this morning- HELLO FALL! While cranking on the heat for the first time of the year doesn't produce the same fire-y smell, it does signal that I will not be sweating so much anymore, and that makes me almost as happy. ;)

  4. I can't wait for it to be cool enough for a fire out here!! I adore our fireplace-- during the winter we have a fire going whenever we are home-- there is nothing like it!


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