Monday, September 24, 2012

the ten.5

1. My feet are cold currently, but I'm pretty happy about it.  Fall weather is the best!

2. I can't find my fall decoration box.  Yes, the fall box.  I have a Halloween box, and Thanksgiving box, AND a Fall box.  Is that so wrong?  And by the way: IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE THAT I CANNOT FIND IT.  My parents are visiting and my mom and I took about an hour to go through all my boxes to find it, but no.  It has fallen into the "moved twice in one year abyss."  It's a thing.

3.  Have you tried those refrigerator oatmeals that were all over Pinterest a while back?  Well, I did this week, and it is LOVE.  I made mine with my mom's homemade applesauce, and it was deeelicious.  Anything with my mom's homemade applesauce is deeelicious.

4.  Fletcher recently told me, "Mama, you have the biggest belly.  You win!" So yeah.  That's awesome.

5.  Remember the Fall box I can't find?  Well, it had my leaf garland that I had made last year in it, so I can't hang that up.  But maybe it's for the best, because I saw Rachel's dipped pine cones, and now I'm all for making a new garland! 

6.  I have a confession.  I watched the entire first season of "Revenge" in about a week's time.  Oh man.  I'm so uncool.  Such guilty pleasure tv right there.

7.  My husband's work ethic and drive are amazing.  I know, here I go making him look all awesome again.  He is, though.  He is the hardest worker I know, hands down.

8.  We love bread 'round here.  What, you don't look in the bread machine with a flash light to see if it's finished yet?  Maybe that's just us.

9.  My parents are visiting.  It makes our littles very happy. 

10. I am an apple snob.  Honeycrisp only, please.  It's apple season, and we're putting it in everything lately!  Soon to appear here: my mom's recipe for apple spice bread.  You will want it, trust me!  What is your favorite apple?


  1. My daughter has told me I have a big belly too. I told her it was her fault. ;) We picked apples this weekend, but they didn't have a good crop this year and there were slim pickings. I am thinking of trying my first apple pie. :)

  2. I'm excited for fall, but still having some I-miss-summer pangs and frantically trying to assemble some clothes for W to wear in this colder weather. Maybe if I got more crafty I could get into it- I envy your 'fall' box, I'm not ever good with seasonal decorations. Maybe this is the year!

  3. Thanks to you (and your Mom) I am salivating. I want bread, oatmeal, honey crisps, and her homemade applesauce. Damn! That Special K breakfast I had sucked.

  4. Don't go posting that recipe if you know it will only taste amazing with your mom's special applesauce in it. That is just cruel. ;)

    Glad you have the grandparents in town. Everything is just so! much! more! interesting! when they're around, isn't it?

  5. I am so with you on the bread machine peeking!!

  6. ah, kids. It must be a theme right now. Del told me yesterday that he is so excited for the "new baby in my belly". Um... Baby Ruth, maybe?

    That pine cone garland looks awesome! Thanks for the inspiration, I think the boys and I will try it on Thursday!

  7. I think I have told your misplaced "fall box" story three times already. I put up my few decorations from the fall/valentines/st.patricks day/easter box on Sunday. ;)

  8. I actually did a little dance when I saw the honeycrisps were back at the store. You can't beat 'em!


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