Monday, September 10, 2012

hobby farm

Ok, that was a long pause.  But wow, I needed it.  My family needed it, too.  We took a couple trips, we saw lots of family and friends, and I took some deep breaths.  I checked in with some blogs, but mostly stayed away from the computer and everything that reminded me that my blog was just sitting there, gathering dust.  But here I am, back, and feeling better!   Our colds are pretty much gone, my knife wound (!) is healed, and Fletcher's bumps and scratches have been replaced by new ones! 

We went back to visit our families in Indiana over Labor Day weekend, and I thought I'd share pictures from my in-laws house.  They have a hobby farm, lots of vegetables, an orchard, and chickens.  Oh chickens.  Sometimes I have romantic ideas about having my own hobby farms complete with chickens running around the backyard.  And then I visit my in-laws and remember just how gross chickens can be.  These pictures will not convey the grossness.  You will just find them more romantic probably.  And they kind of can be, but only if you can leave them to someone else to clean up.  I do have to say that the chicks were pretty cute.  I'll give those dirty birds that much.  They make cute chicks.
The littles really love seeing the chickens, the tractors, and their cousins.  Brian really loves playing in his dad's woodshop.  And I love taking home bushels of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and apples.   


  1. Awww, chickens are too cute! Love the pics! Oh, and I´ve at least come one step closer to mailing the candy - I now have it on my desk at work... Sigh. You wouldn´t think getting stamps and throwing a package on the mailbox would be so hard to actually get done, haha! :-D

  2. I hope you enjoyed your well-deserved break! These photos are lovely. Isn't it sweet how much kids love to see animals? I think I would take the chickens, mess and all. I don't think my surburban neighbours would appreciate them though. You got lucky with all the fruit and veg, huh?

  3. Missed you! These are great pictures, what a fun place to visit. I'm with you on the chickens, my dad always had them and it's a cool idea but hard icky work in practice.

  4. Oh wow, how fantastic & I am so jealous of that woodshop! Oh the trouble I could get in to with that sorta space!

  5. I'm with you the very idea of having chooks sounds very organic and way cool these days.....but the very thought of these scratching, dusty feathered birds make me want to run and lock myself indoors!!! But your littles loved them and that's the most important thing. Roberta

  6. Yay! You're back. Great pictures, as always.


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