Monday, April 22, 2013

diy painted plant pots

This little project was inspired by some gold-leafed pots I saw on Pinterest.  I was really not into the time that it would have taken to gold leaf the plant pots, so I decided that a spray paint short cut was in order!  Anything to save time and money, in my book.  Well, almost anything.  Don't get me started on cheap coffee.

I gathered the following, most of what I already had on hand!
1. plant pots of your choosing
2. indoor/outdoor metallic gold spray paint (or any color you're loving right now)
3. painter's tape
4. accent paint colors of your choosing

First I taped up my pots in all sorts of patterns or really non-patterns, if I'm being honest.  I used painter's tape to ensure crisp lines.
Then I took these taped up pots outside to spray paint.  I used indoor/outdoor spray paint so that I can place these pots outside in the Summer.  If you're new to spray painting, be sure to keep your spraying arm moving so that you don't get paint drips.  Drips are no good.
I let them dry for a few hours, untaped them, and almost done!  I decided to add a stripe of color to one of the pots for contrast, but I love the plain gold pots, too.
And that is it, my friends!  A cheap and quick way to add a little Spring to your home.


  1. Cute - I love easy fixes like this! :-)

  2. So cute! I am going to surely copy this idea. Though I am not that great with spray paint. I guess you could hand paint, right?

  3. They are beautiful. What a wonderful idea Ruthie!

  4. They look so beautiful up by your mirror. Love the gold matchy matchy. And you just gave me a good idea for how to keep spray tan from getting streaky too, so yay-thanks! Keep that arm a-movin. Always love your recipes and diy lessons. I'm going to have to give you a 10 out of 10 on this one. So simple yet so awesome. When your littles are old enough to know who Martha Stewart is, she's gonna be a let-down.

    1. Haha, that's quite the compliment, Karen! Thanks for the love :)

  5. Those look great, very cool idea!

  6. So cute!! I'm about to replant the ivy I have on my kitchen sill into our garden, which means empty pots-- good timing!

  7. Love metallic gold spray paint! Great DIY!


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