Wednesday, April 3, 2013

spring break III: snowy Bloomington

Brian and I started dating when we were both going to Indiana University in Bloomington.  So it holds a pretty special place in our hearts.  It doesn't hurt that it is one of the most gorgeous campuses out there.  When we've visited in the past, we leisurely stroll around the massive campus, visiting our favorite places.  But as we drove into Bloomington last week, I knew that would not happen this time.  It was snowing pretty hard, and I just know my children well enough to know they would not enjoy walking around in the bitter cold and looking at old buildings.  So we settled on just our favorite entrance to the campus, Sample Gates, and the street that runs perpendicular to it, Kirkwood.  We ate lunch at an old favorite and then dragged the littles to just the entrance of the campus.  They were not thrilled, and begged to get back into the car.  It was pretty cold.
As we drove out of town to the North, we stopped at Oliver Winery to taste a little wine and buy gifts for family back in our hometowns.  The littles actually enjoyed this stop much better because the wind wasn't as wicked tucked up in the winery.  And the little cups of juice and crackers they gave the kids didn't hurt!
 In college, my friends and I would come here occasionally, taste wine, and then bring a picnic down by the pond.  That was definitely not happening this day.
 Fletcher started a little snowball fight.  He's sneaky like that and will aim for your face.  You've been warned.
 But Rowan was too busy clutching her cup of juice and munching on her cracker.  Like Mama, like daughter, I guess.
 She didn't want to take that cracker out even for pictures.  Toddler rule number 1: don't let go of a tasty food until you're finished.
We're planning another trip to our alma mater later this year.  Maybe without the littles this time!


  1. Love the snowy pictures! That first one is the best!

  2. The campus looks so pretty. I love a good university campus. I want to live on one and ignore the real world! I should have been a professor. ;)

  3. I wasn't sure, but was that the "Arburitto?" Ha. And where did you guys go for lunch? I remember visiting you there and the infamous wine and cheese parties! Sorry it was so cold, but you'll be back again.

  4. You obviously were having good memories during this visit. The pictures are lovely.

  5. That's some serious snow- very beautiful though. I'm glad you got a chance to go back and reminisce, even if it was chilly!

  6. I have a soft spot for college towns {shocking I know}-- just gorgeous, if a bit frozen!


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