Thursday, April 25, 2013

the 10.8

1.  It's officially time to put in the garden this weekend, so I'm pretty happy to look forward to that.  I've been doing a little plotting in my head, and plan on putting it on paper before I go purchase all the plants.  Rowan wants to plant tomatoes, and Fletcher wants to plant sweet peppers.  Done and done!

2.  Brian's new job has allowed him to be home most nights for dinner and bedtime.  Which is good and bad.  We're loving having him for extra time, but we're having an adjustment period to the bedtime routine.  Here Brian is "calming" them down for bed.

3.  Rowan is turning out to be a fairly girly girl.  She still like cars, trains and trucks like her big brother, but she's in love with the Disney princesses, and is insisting on a princess party for her birthday next month.  Hold me.

4.  I should have known what a girly girl she was going to be when she got into my makeup and carefully applied mascara.
She actually got some of it onto her lashes.  Without a mirror.  Watch out, Tammy Faye!

5.  I am having fun looking forward to and planning on some summer trips for us.  The anticipation is almost more fun than the trips!

6.  It made my week to find my beach tote diy on Brit + Co a few days ago!  You can see my original post here.

7.  Ever since my friend talked about making shakshuka, I can't get it off my mind.  I'll be experimenting with it tomorrow, and maybe have a recipe post for it soon!!  It sounds delicious.

8.  Rowan has had her first art show!  Her painting, entitled "elephant" is currently hanging in the community center.  Yes, I'm pretty proud.

9.  I'm pretty excited to read this.  I wish I had more time to read.

10.  I'm getting into a good working groove on project make something.  Finally getting names knocked off pretty quickly, and I've really stretched past my comfort zone to create things that other people like.  It's been fun and so fulfilling.


  1. I want both of those hangings! Now.

    Glad Brian gets to be home more in the evenings, and I totally understand the adjustment. Mike's new job as a teacher have him home every evening and all weekends which is awesome, but we tend to trip over each other. Also, I can't have my little "secret" mama stuff any more, because I can't just send him to another room to watch a movie...

    Brit + Co.! Yes!! Ruthie, ALL of your DIY stuff is amazing, you should be on there for everything!! And now I will go spread exclamation marks somewhere else!!

  2. Awesome on the tote bag!! And omg Rowan is so adorable. Love her elephant art. ;)

    You are a rock star for cranking out so much happy mail for others!!!

  3. It's so funny, but when you have friends for as long as I've had you, you start to beam with pride like a parent who is proud of her child. Great things are happening, Ruthie! Your sweetness is spreading! Love all you're accomplishing. Again, even though it is my #1 overused word, INSPIRING is you!! (and I borrowed a couple of !s from Kris up there)

  4. Oh, and Ruthie, you got me so excited for the David Sedaris book! I LOVE LOVE LOVE him! Thanks for the link and for hookin a sista up!

  5. Lots to love here! I am loving Brian's bedtime routine, the mascara, your beach bag, the sweet contribution to the art show (the beautiful artist) and your lovely pieces. My daughter is totally girly too - loves pink and purple (if she has to pick a second colour), was a big princess fan when she was younger and adores clothes. They just get like that, no matter what you do. ;)

  6. Oh yes! You just made my night by linking to that Sedaris book. I didn't know he had something new out and despite my sluggish reading, he's so funny that I can always turn those pages- sold! Congrats on your bag being featured, that's really exciting too.

  7. So sweet! Clearly your daughter has inherited your artistic abilities, which I hope is not indicative of how you put on mascara lol. Having Brian home more must be worth the adjustment too! Yay on the Sedaris book-- definitely on my list for summer reading!!

  8. Thanks for sharing the positive from daily life. The art show picture is scrapbook worthy and the Tammy Faye joke made me, literally, LOL. Congratulations on the bag post. I will be sure to check out that site now. It's exciting to know someone famous!!


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