Monday, April 15, 2013

this guy

It is Brian's birthday today!  A tax day baby.  But Brian is the opposite of tax day.  He's fun and adventurous and doesn't require a filing dead line.  Lucky me!

He is spending today at work, and although we may see him for a bit tonight, we celebrated with him last night to be sure that we could really enjoy it.  Brian had spent yesterday with Fletcher paddling down a river in a canoe: a fun exhausting day.  We decided to keep it low-key since he and Fletcher were feeling a bit tired.  Cake and presents!
So you may have noticed the mustachioed cake.  It was born from a sprinkle mishap, so it is not an inside joke or something meaningful like that.  It was just me trying to save the cake!  Brian laughed and thought it was funny, so it worked out ok.

Brian laughs and thinks a lot of things are funny.  He reminds me not to take life too seriously, and his most oft used quote is "Fuck them if they can't take a joke."  (Sorry for the f-bomb, but I don't want to misquote!)  He makes our home a joyful place for us all, and keeps us all on our toes for sudden spur of the moment adventures.

I love you, Brian!  Thank you for the happy life you've helped us build.  Happy Birthday, love.


  1. Looks like a Ron Swanson cake!! Happy birthday, Brian!

  2. Dear Taxes, Happy BRIAN Day. Thank you.
    Guys, you all look so happy. I love the pictures of Brian basking in the glow of his birthday cake (and a really good photographer who knows how to get the effects of candlelighting), while sitting across from his adoring children. Love Rowan's top too! Brian, let's not talk about your age. Let's talk about the fact that you NEVER LOOK ANY OLDER. Ever. Ruthie, great post and pictures. Happy Birthday, Brian! xo

  3. Happy birthday! Love that manly cake and the way your little ones are looking so lovingly at their papa. Glad y'all had a happy celebration.

  4. Happy Birthday fellow Aries! Now I know why we get along so well, I have a healthy appreciation for swearing. :) Love to you.

  5. I LOVE the cake. So cute. Happy birthday to your sweetie! He sounds wonderful. I come from a family of swear-ers, so I'm good with that. :)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIAN! Love the cake and the quote. :)

  7. Happy birthday to your guy! :-)

  8. Happy Birthday Brian! Cake and presents are the best part of birthdays, so I'd say you nailed it ;)


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