Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I have to get a few things off my chest.

Number one.  Ever since opening my etsy shop, I haven't seen our dining room table.  I actually have a pretty large studio area available to me.  But only when it's the perfect temperature outside because it's in our sunroom.  Which has no heating or a/c.  So it's basically unusable roughly 95% of the year.  My options are generally a literal sweat shop OR walk in freezer.  Here's a glimpse of our table.  We have a table in our kitchen that we use, don't worry.
p.s. Mail and school papers also gets dumped on this table.  So... you know.  I'm an organizational nightmare.

Number two.  Speaking of my shop, my husband talked me into adding a Dr. Who themed hoop to my shop last week.  Confession: I haven't sold one yet!  
Number three.  Last week another mother from the kid's school asked me, "Aren't you expecting?" In her defense I hadn't seen her in a while.  But I've been in a bit of a funk ever since.

Number four.  But!  Despite said funk, I took photos of a friend's new baby and DID NOT sob all over the baby!  I even held and snuggled on him, and felt nothing but happiness and love for them all.  High five.
 Number five.  We had a 78 degree day here yesterday, and a 40 degree day today.  I really wish that we could have something in between for a couple months.  What's that called?  Spring?  Confession: I don't want summer yet.  I want Spring.  I'll even take a 50 something day over a 70 something day because I feel so strongly about the appropriate temperatures of the season.  That's right, I just went on about the appropriateness of seasonal temperatures.  I can feel you all rolling your eyes.  Luckily, I'm finished!

Thanks for listening.


  1. I am with you on the spring temps (I've been getting so excited to see 50s, only to be back in the 20s the next day), and hoping it sticks around long enough for me to warm up (pun intended!) to the idea of a sweaty summer. The top of my dryer is my equivalent to your dining room table. Except it's smaller, so I just start stacking things to unreasonable heights. If ever a strong breeze blows though when my dryer vent is hanging out the window, everybody run!

  2. Yes - spring can be spring any time now. That is so awesome that you could enjoy taking some baby pics!

  3. My dining room table is so often covered in vintage dishes, so I feel your pain. And, I actually stopped wearing empire waisted tops completely because somebody asked if I was expecting. Now I NEVER ask, even if it's the skinniest little woman with a giant firm belly. People really need to just shut it. ;)

    Here's to spring girlfriend!! (If it actually exists.)

  4. I keep checking in on this blog to find documentation of our fun adventures together - and then I remember that we took absolutely no pictures! GAH! That's my confession. :)

    My sunporch table looks remarkably familiar. But I don't have the excuse of running a small business. You're entitled to a little workspace if you ask me!

  5. Some people don´t think before they speak but mostly they don´t mean to harm people, they just don´t THINK. Sorry you had to listen to that but glad you have moved forward in your grief. Hugs!

  6. Though busy hands make tired eyes, your gifts to others are such a prize!
    There'll always be clutter, so worry not, friend. It's worth the smiles on the other end.
    You're such a dear, Ruthie. Love you.


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